“Leaks Like A Sieve” – Trey Gowdy Rips Adam Schiff For Ruining Intel Committee

Former Rep. Trey Gowdy hammered Adam Schiff on Fox News today. He ripped him for incessant leaking which politicized a key bipartisan committee – the Intel Committee.

He said Adam “leaks like a sieve” (Remember all those Russia leaks that seemed bad but when the full story came out were absolutely nothing? Those came from Adam or people close to him.) and explained why no one wants to share anything with his committee.

The Washington Examiner reported that Trey Gowdy, a former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, was asked to weigh in on the controversy during a Fox News interview and singled out Schiff for criticism.

“When you put someone who is wrong as often as Adam Schiff is wrong and is as deeply partisan as he is, in charge of the intelligence committee, then no, you’re not going to share confidential information because Adam leaks like a sieve,” Gowdy said.

Schiff has accused President Trump’s acting spy chief of defying a statute requiring the complaint, which the inspector general found to be of “urgent concern,” be handed over to the intelligence committees within one week.

But after consulting with the Justice Department, Maguire’s office disagreed, saying it doesn’t have to hand over the complaint to Congress because it goes beyond the Maguire’s purview by relating to someone outside of the Intelligence Community.

“That’s the consequence of putting someone that partisan as the head of the intel committee,” Gowdy reasoned.

In suggesting President Trump or top aides are stonewalling the Intelligence Community, Schiff threatened to take the matter to court. “We will look at whatever remedies we have,” Schiff told reporters on Thursday.

With reports coming out that suggest the whistle-blower complaint has to do with a call between President Trump and the Ukrainian president, on Friday House Speaker Pelosi said the complaint raises “grave, urgent concerns for our national security,” and urged the Trump administration to release it.

Gowdy said if Nancy Pelosi wants this information given to Congress, “she should pick a less partisan person to be the chairperson of that committee.”

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