Jesse Watters Compares Melania Trump and Michelle Obama’s Royal Visits With The Queen Of England

Fox News host Jesse Watters made a “style comparison” of Michelle Obama and Melania Trump’s visits with Queen Elizabeth and they didn’t even come close to each other.

He noted on “Watters’ World” how “very chic” first lady Melania looked in her ivory suit during President Donald Trump’s official state visit to London where he and the first lady enjoyed a banquet hosted by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace.

A “more colorful” dress by former first lady Michele Obama was then shown by host Watters in a photo, noting that “the wind got a hold” of it. He later joked that it may not have been fair to show the two photos in a side-by-side comparison since Obama “wasn’t responsible for” the weather.

Watters’ comments on the styles of the current and former first lady followed a look at the royal visits made by the first family last week and the one by former President Obama and his wife Michelle using the “exact same barometers.” He noted the “awkward” toast by Obama during the national anthem, comparing the “very smooth” toast by Trump.

Jesse Watters also pointed to the gifts bestowed on the Queen, with Obama giving her an iPod while Trump opted for a more traditional Tiffany brooch. Both Trump and Obama signed the Queen’s guest book, but Watters mocked Obama for dating his ‘2008’ when he was actually there in 2011.

“Style is very personal, so everyone is going to have a different opinion,” Watters said as he highlighted the photos of the first ladies. “I think you know what mine is.”

Royal expert and author Katie Nicholl joined the “Watters’ World” panel and discussed the differences in the Trump and Obama state visits, noting that the women have “completely different styles” but there were specific instances that stood out to her.

“When Michelle was here for the state dinner, she wore an off-the-shoulder dress, it was crossed over at the front,” she said.

“That’s a bit risqué because you don’t show your shoulders at a state dinner. She also didn’t wear a hat once during her visit while Melania pulled out the stops,” noting her Britannia-themed Gucci dress.

Even when the mainstream media attempted to focus on negative issues surrounding Trump’s state visit, including protests and the return of the infamous “Trump Baby” balloon, the optics of the president and first lady’s visit spoke otherwise.

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