‘You’re Wrong!’ Jim Jordan Roars At Nadler – Blasts John Dean With His Own Words & Tweets

Monday’s testimonies on the Mueller report before the House Judiciary Committee was a real political theater and it did not sit well with many Republicans, including Rep. Jim Jordan.

After John Dean, a key figure in the Watergate scandal, and others got an opportunity to give their questionable opinions on Robert Mueller’s report, Congress members were given a chance to ask questions. Not surprisingly, Republicans were the only ones questioning why “commentators” with deeply held anti-Trump beliefs were being asked to testify at all.

Sparks flew when Rep. Jim Jordan got a chance at the mic and he spared no prisoners. Rep. Jordan laid down the truth and went straight at the matter.

Jordan brought up a few anti-Trump writings and opinions Dean has shared. He also brought up President Trump’s accomplishments like significant economic growth and lowest unemployment rate in 50 years.

Jim Jordan honed in on one quote from Dean where he said that President Trump is “incapable of accomplishing anything.”

“Maybe you were thinking about this when you said the president of the United States was incapable of doing anything: were you thinking about the fact that the embassy is now in Jerusalem?” asked Rep. Jordan.

The congressman then brought up the fact that the President moved the embassy to Jerusalem, which means he accomplished something that had been nothing more than an empty promise from Republican and Democrat for many years.

Dean then claimed the “rules of the House” forced him to not fully answer the question.

“You weren’t refrained in your tweets and your comments [to the media],” Jordan said.

Dean interrupted the congressman by saying his posts on Twitter are not subject to the same rules. Jordan fired back by saying that they are very relevant in determining Dean’s “state of mind.”

Rep. Jordan then took his gloves off and went after Dean hard for being more of a media personality than any sort of respectable lawyer.

Jordan asked Dean if he had advised Michael Cohen before Cohen testified. Dean replied no, but Jordan shot back that Dean had appeared on television the night before Cohen gave his testimony and actually gave advice by spelling out what he thought Cohen should do in his situation.

Jordan then brought up the fact that Cohen was not a reliable witness because he was facing a prison sentence for lying to Congress at the time of his testimony and Dean should not be trusted either because he has also pled guilty to obstructing justice. Rep. Jordan made the mistake of saying Dean “went to prison” for his actions, which Dean was quick to correct.

“I did not go to prison,” said Dean.

“Ok,” Jordan replied. “You pled guilty to obstruction of justice…you got to stay out of prison, I guess.”

Rep. Jerry Nadler predictably jumped in to protect Dean.

Nalder said that since Jordan “cast dispersions on the witness, I would remind everyone after —”

“No, I didn’t, Mr. Chairman,” Rep. Jordan stated, refusing to back down. “I read his statements. I did not cast dispersions. I read his statements.”

Nadler went on to say he “believed” Jordan cast “dispersions,” to which Jordan yelled, “you’re wrong!” The congressman then stood up for Dean’s reputation and when Jordan tried inter-cutting again, Nadler said, “the gentleman from Georgia is recognized,” clearly having enough of Dean facing real questions.

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