Jesse Watters Tells GOP: “Buck Up & Do Your Jobs” On SCOTUS Confirmation, Because “Voters Are Never Gonna Forget”

Fox News host Jesse Watters encouraged Republican senators to “buck up and do your jobs” on confirming an upcoming Supreme Court pick for President Donald Trump.

Watters also suggested in the Saturday night “Watters’ World” segment that a lack of action could cost them at the polls in November.

“And to Republican senators, why give an inch to Democrats?” Watters asked. “They never give it to you. This isn’t a friendly game of golf. This is raw politics with our future at stake.”

“The left keeps lecturing you about fairness, precedent, waiting for an election,” he continued. “This after they spied on the Trump campaign, sabotaged his transition, divided the country with sinister investigations and impeached the president during an election year.”

The Fox News host said that the Democrats “have no credibility here.”

“Remember what they did to Kavanaugh?” he asked. “And they’ve already been rioting all summer. We’re dealing with bloodthirsty political killers on the left. Buck up and do your jobs, Republicans. If you don’t, voters are never gonna forget.”

Watters called “fake news” the insistence that a nominee can’t be confirmed in an election year, citing the fact that Republicans control both the Senate and the White House.

The fight over who fills the seat of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is ramping up and promises to dominate headlines over the coming weeks. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has indicated he would bring a nominee to a vote, but it is unclear whether he would have enough GOP caucus support.

Democrats are accusing Republicans of hypocrisy based on the fact that McConnell declined to bring President Barack Obama’s pick to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia, Merrick Garland, to a vote. However, Republicans point to the fact that the White House and Senate were split then versus controlled by the same party today.

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