One Of Trump’s Front Runners To Replace RBG Has Dems Trembling, Could Be a Big Problem For Their 2020 Hopes

President Trump has announced that sometime this week he will announce his nomination to fill the Right Bader Ginsburg seat. One of his prospects has the Democrats trembling, she’s a minority and she is from Florida.

Barbara Lagoa is a Hispanic woman from the great battleground state of Florida. Republican Senator Roy Blunt touted that it’s the President’s decision but that she would be a great pick.

President Trump is enjoying very good numbers in Florida and support from the Hispanic community is strong and growing. If Trump nominates Lagoa that would mean the Democrat party would have to trash a Hispanic woman that’s from a battleground state.

Joe Biden is already struggling to get the Hispanic vote and an assault on a Hispanic woman from Florida would be a very bad idea. Even if Trump’s nomination is voted down by “Rhino” Republicans the Democrats would still have to destroy this person.

Democrats are claiming that if they win this will be an all-out war. They claim they’ll give DC and Puerto Rico statehood, get rid of the filibuster and increase the size of the Supreme court. However, let’s be real, they are going to do that anyway if they win in November.

Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski declared she will not vote for a Supreme Court candidate this close to the election.

Maine, Senator Susan Collins has also said that she will not vote for a SCOTUS pick so close to the election. Senator Mitt Romney has remained silent so far. McConnell is going to have his work cut out for him to keep the rest of the Republicans in line he can only lose three Senators, Pence can break a 50-50 tie.

If Trump picks Lagoa, “woke” Democrats are going to have to tear down a woman that’s Hispanic in a battleground state they are losing.

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