Jim Acosta Says Obama Is Getting Under Trump’s Skin, Who Is Getting Angrier & More Bitter

Wednesday, CNN’s Jim Acosta said no person can get under Trump’s skin like former President Obama and argued that President Trump is getting angrier and more bitter.

Replying to Wolf Blitzer, Acosta said “I think that was one of the highlights of Barack Obama’s speech, when he said can you imagine if I had a secret Chinese bank account they would call me Beijing Barry.”

He continued “I mean, there is no person on the face of the earth who gets under Donald Trump’s skin like Barack Obama.”

“And that is why you’ve seen President Trump over the last four years try to undo just about anything that had President Obama’s name on it, namely Obamacare.”

“I’ve talked to people inside the Trump campaign, people inside the White House. Barack Obama’s obviously the one surrogate they don’t want to see very much of out on the campaign trail. He just has a way of getting under President Trump’s skin like nobody else,” he added.

Acosta then said “You just get a sense, Wolf, day after day after day as we’re getting closer to election day, the president of the United States is sounding angrier and more bitter.”

“He’s lashing out at Dr. Anthony Fauci. He’s lashing out at debate moderators, lashing out at the media. And now Barack Obama’s going to be one more thing getting under the president’s skin at this critical stage of the campaign, Wol,” Acosta said.

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