“Uh, Why Would You Do That?” – Biden Crumbles, Gives An Answer So Strange That Even The Moderator Is Stunned

President Donald Trump set up former Vice President Joe Biden during an exchange about the oil and gas industry. In the coming days, Joe Biden is going to regret what he said.

Similarly to how he set up Hillary Clinton about coal President Trump asked Joe Biden if he was going to end the oil industry and Joe Biden said, “Yes.”

His answer was so crazy, moderator Kristen Welker even asked, “Uh, why would you do that.”

President Trump pressured Joe Biden about his remarks and stance on fracking. Biden, said over and over again that he never said he would ban fracking and challenged President Trump to play the tape.

Here’s the “tape.”

What Joe Biden said during the debate about fracking may not move the needle for President Trump nationally but, it’s going to move the needle in Pennsylvania and that’s all that matters.

President Trump also called out Joe Biden over his disastrous green energy plan.

At one point during the debate, Joe Biden was so rattled he checked his watch.

During the discussion about immigration, Trump nailed Biden and the former Obama administration for building the cages that children were kept in.

Another great moment was when Trump chipped away at Biden’s policy, asking him why didn’t he do anything when he was in Washington the previous 47 years.

It wasn’t a good night for Joe Biden and he probably gave President Trump a huge gift for the election.

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