Jim Jordan Warns President Trump: “We Just Need To Understand” That The Democrats Are “Never Going To Stop”

During a meeting that included President Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Rep. Jim Jordan blasted the Democrats, Nancy Pelosi and all her friends who pushed the Trump-Russia investigation.

Rep. Jim Jordan warned that “We just need to understand, guys, that [Democrats are] never going to stop.”

He also thanked President Trump for his strong leadership, despite the attacks from the Democrats.

Jordan continued “in spite of that relentless attack we’ve seen from them, Mr. President, we appreciate your leadership, we appreciate your entire team’s leadership, getting things done for the American people.”

Jordan continued to say that he appreciates President Trump’s work ethic and that he was well aware ho hard Trump worked for the American people.

He thanked the President from all the people from the 4th District of Ohio and across the country, saying that they all appreciate his education.

“We just need to keep it up and we’ll have the Great American Come Back real soon,” Jordan concluded.

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