Joe DiGenova With a Message to All 81 Targets of House Dems’ Fishing Expedition on Trump:‘Everyone should take the 5th’

Fox News contributor and former federal prosecutor Joe DiGenova tore into the Democratic Party for the sprawling probe of President Trump that not only targets his campaign and administration, but also goes after the president’s family members.

DiGenova appeared on “The Story” where host Martha MacCallum reminded the audience that the Democrat-led House Judiciary Committee “uses language to remind everyone this is the committee that launched Watergate” and that “it’s clear” they are heading toward impeachment, DiGenova said those who received document requests should refuse to respond.

“This is a perjury trap,” the former federal prosecutor insisted. “It is not a legitimate investigation, it’s a fishing expedition. They are trying to get people up there to make them look bad so they can try to make the president look bad.”

DiGenova also stated that Carter Page “is the last person who should talk to them,” saying he was framed by the FBI in an attempt to use a FISA warrant to go after President Trump.

“What the committee is going to try to do with Carter Page is make him look like he was a Russian spy when he wasn’t so they can dirty him up and refer him to the Justice Department for perjury,” said DiGenova.

“No one should talk to this committee,” he added. “Everyone should take the 5th and if everyone takes the 5th, the American people will understand that this isn’t a legitimate investigation. It’s political theater and disgraceful conduct approved of by the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.”

And make no mistake, the ultimate target is President Donald Trump.

“This is a fraud, this investigation,” DiGenova said. “It’s designed to smear people as witnesses and it is designed to perjury trap them and make phony referrals to the Justice Department. This is all about dirtying up the president of the United States, who it has been proven thus far has done absolutely nothing wrong.”

MacCallum noted that House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., claimed they are investigating “abuse of power, obstruction of justice designed to undermine our laws and the agencies that enforce those laws,” before going on to say Nadler has grown impatient on waiting for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to produce his final report.

This provoked DiGenova to say Democrats know there is nothing there in regard to Mueller’s investigation of collusion with Russia.

“The feeling is it has shifted from the original collusion search to obstruction of justice, which is what they are focusing on here,” MacCallum added.

DiGenova replied with noting that a committee investigation is not a criminal proceeding and Democrats “can say whatever they want when this is done. They’ll make up stuff.”

He points to Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif, chair of the House Intelligence Committee.

Every time he says there’s lots of evidence of collusion, when he’s asked about it he can’t name it,” he said.

Joe DiGenova sent a message to all called witnesses who’ve been contacted by Nadler: “If you go up and talk to them, you’re out of your mind.”

As for the advice, the president of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, replied to a tweet from Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs characterizing the probe as a “coup” against Trump to say this is a viable tactic.

“Recipients can refuse to comply with document requests and seek court relief from any harassing subpoenas…The House could be made to go to federal court 80 different times to pursue its harassment of [Trump].” tweeted Fitton.

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