Dan Crenshaw Slams The Dems And Their Obsession With High Taxes

This Tuesday, Rep. Dan Crenshaw slammed the Left for their obsession with high taxes so “benevolent bureaucrats” can grow government and impose more unnecessary social programs on the American public.

Why does the left hate the tax cuts? [Because] they think the people exist to fund the govt. We believe the govt exists to protect the inalienable rights of the people. When people keep their money, we get more jobs & wage growth, & less wasteful spending by ‘benevolent’ bureaucrats,” posted Crenshaw on Twitter.

Freshman rep. Dan Crenshaw also posted a video where he elaborated on the philosophical divide between the Left and Right.

“We’re talking about a difference in philosophy. We’re not just talking about tax rates,” started in Crenshaw. “It’s a question of whether the government should be taking more of your money of whether you should keep more of your money. It’s the difference in the role of government, in what we believe. It seems to me that what you all believe is that the role of government is to tax the people as much as possible so you and your benevolent fellow academics and dream up more programs for the government to spend money on. I don’t believe that. I don’t believe that is what the role of government is for.”

The Republican continued: “The role of government is to protect God-given rights that we have and to ensure that we live as free as possible. The role of government is to tax people to the least extent possible, while still taxing them enough to cover basic needs for government. And if we’re questioning what those needs are we can just look at our Constitution, they’re generally pretty clear there.”

Then Dan Crenshaw disputed the notion that anecdotes of successes from lower taxes are “imaginative,” as suggested by a Democrat. “It’s literally not imagination to bring up anecdotes. It’s literally not that. It’s reality,” he said.

Then he listed quantifiable positive effects of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in Texas, which include increased education opportunities by $150 million at McDonalds, reduced prices for customers at CenterPoint Energy, $500 employee bonuses at Camp Construction Services, $500 employee bonuses at at Group One Automotive, and $1,600 employee bonuses at Cabot Oil & Gas.

In February of last year, James Barret from The Daily Wire reported that Republican tax cuts have significantly boosted the economy: “If first quarter tax revenues are any indication, Trumponomics is operating much like Reaganomics and producing the same kind of results: lower taxes and deregulation resulting in more economic growth and, thus, more tax revenues.” Barrett also noted that “tax revenues actually increased by $18 billion (5.2%) over the previous year, resulting in the government running a $51-billion surplus” in the first quarter after Republicans passed tax reform.”

Also, back in April, nonpartisan Tax Policy Center made an analysis that debunked the mainstream media and Democrat talking point that tax cuts are targeted for merely “the rich.”

The analysis showed “top wage earners will pay more in taxes in 2018 than they did in 2017, throwing water on the Democratic talking point that the tax cuts are only benefiting the wealthy,” The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra noted. “The top 20% of wage earners, who paid 84% of all federal income taxes in 2017, will pay 87% of all federal income taxes in 2018, an increase of 3%.”

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