Dan Crenshaw Slams Joy Behar On Live TV After She Called Trump ‘Unpatriotic’

This Monday, Joy Behar went into full Trump and Trump supporter bashing mode. Thankfully, Dan Crenshaw was on set to shut her down.

“The View’s” co-host said on that Republicans who support President Trump should take off “those flag pins” because the president’s behavior regarding Russian meddling is “unpatriotic.”

Rep. Dan Crenshaw explained that he doesn’t necessarily support Trump’s “character flaws” and reminded Americans that he has personally called for civility in the past. But the anti-Trump talk show star declared that Trump’s issues go beyond insulting rivals.

“It isn’t just that. Let’s talk about, you know, the fact that he met with Putin for 90 minutes… and never once brought up the fact that Russia, Russia interfered in our election,” said Behar.

“And he never brought it up. How is it that the Republican Party, your colleagues, can stand by this man when he is involved in this way with Russia?” she continued.

I said last week I don’t want to see any of those flag pins anymore on Republicans who don’t stand up against this guy for Russian meddling, and other things that he’s done. It seems as though he’s unpatriotic. What do you say to that?” she added.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw told Behar that she was “overstating it” and said the specific conversation was regarding Venezuela.

“I will give you this. The president has a bad habit of repeating what Putin says to the public,” Rep. Crenshaw conceded.

“He shouldn’t do that. But he also has a pretty good habit of taking actions and putting policies in place that are vehemently counter-Russia.” Crenshaw explained.

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