VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Heckled During Speech In Las Vegas By Brave Trump Supporter

Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill are on a Trump bashing tour visiting major cities in U.S. They are basically giving away seats as the demand for the dynamic duo has been very low.

They settled into Las Vegas and promptly trashed President Trump with Hillary even saying that she won in 2016 but the election was stolen from her.

That’s when a brave deplorable heckled her in the middle of her speech saying that she will be going to jail.

The man, who identified himself online as a Trump supporter and combat veteran, stood up during the opening stages of the Sunday evening show, and yelled: ‘You’re going to jail lady.’

His shouts drew a response from Hillary Clinton: ‘we have some people who’d rather shout than talk and listen’ – before he was escorted out by security.

After the incident, The Clintons settled in for an evening of criticizing the Trump presidency, accusing him of being ‘played’ by Russia.

Putin’s KGB training, Hillary said, had allowed him to size up and pull the strings on President Trump about issues ranging from 2016 election interference to North Korea.

‘I don’t understand exactly the pull out Putin has over him,’ Clinton said, as the Washington Examiner reported.

‘A lot of these tough guys on the international scene expect you to push back. Right now, we are ceding so much territory to him.’ she added.

She also bemoaned what she described as a double-standard in politics which sees women treated ‘more harshly.’

‘It is unfortunately still true that sexism and misogyny are alive and well in our political system,’ she said.

Women are held to a higher double standard and often more harshly, and we’ve got to get over that, my friends’ she claimed.

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