Lara Logan Tells Her Untold Story: They Buried My Benghazi Report To Protect The Obama Administration and Hillary

Back in 2013, then-CBS reporter Lara Logan published an investigative report on the 2012 Benghazi terror attack that was buried and “discredited,” reportedly due to the network’s mistaken vetting of one eyewitness’s account of the incident.

However, according to former CBS reporter Logan, the report was disparaged because it was critical of the Obama administration’s failure to come to the defense of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his compound when it was attacked by Islamist terrorists.

Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed in the attack on September 11, 2012.

In a recent interview with Mark Levin of Fox News Channel’s “Life, Liberty and Levin,” the host asked Logan about the Benghazi investigative report that ultimately resulted in her leaving CBS.

“Well, I will say this, there’s a lot more to that story than anybody knows,” Logan said. “But one of my favorite things to hear is all these media reporters and propagandists standing up and saying, ‘That wasn’t being politically targeted. That was a failure of journalism.’”

“Okay, so that’s the biggest joke of all,” she continued, “because there was not a failure of journalism in that story. It’s not good journalism that these propaganda groups weren’t out there. They’re not targeting you because they’re worried about the standard of your reporting. They’re targeting you — their stated objective — is that they’re going to eliminate anything that they view as a threat to their political ideology.”

“What they were trying to do was bury the substance of that story,” she added.

Lara Logan went on to describe the horrific moment when ambassador Stevens and others realized that “the cavalry” wasn’t coming to help them.

“Greg Hicks, Chris Stevens’ deputy, looked at us on ’60 Minutes’ and he said what he had said on ‘the Hill’ but it was much more powerful in our cameras when he said that he asked the defense attache, just a few minutes into that attack, if the cavalry was coming. The defense attache looked at him … [Hicks was] the last person to speak to Chris Stevens. When Chris Stevens was under attack, a terrorist attack in his compound, he called Greg Hicks. Greg Hicks looked at the defense attache and he said, ‘well?’ [The defense attache responded] ‘I’m sorry, Greg, the cavalry ain’t coming.’”

She continued, “Greg Hicks said, ‘I felt sick in the pit of my stomach because those of us who go out on the end of the line for our country, we believe our country has our back,’ and in that minute, in that moment, I knew they didn’t.”

She said Hicks looked at the defense attache and stated, “We better tell the boys at the annex.”

“Two of those boys died that night,” she said.

“That was an Al Qaeda terrorist attack that was extremely well-planned, timed for the 10th Anniversary of 9/11,” concluded Logan. “Those things, the substance of our reporting, is what the Obama administration and the progressive political movement, and Hillary Clinton’s propaganda force … that’s what they wanted buried, because it didn’t suit them politically to have the truth out about that.”

Talking about the way she and her crew did was discredited on the Benghazi reporting, Logan said, “They picked the least important person in the story. They took two things he said and they cast it into doubt. It was called into question and then they made the story disappear.”

Logan said there had to be some serious digging to discredit her story.

“There was a lot of other significant reporting in there. Think of all those people trying to tear that piece to shreds and they were only able to cast doubt over two things one guy of the three characters had to say,” she said.

Lara Logan claims she was silenced over something that didn’t ultimately matter that much to the overall story.

“The lesson I learned is that they’re not going to come after you for the things that matter. They’re going to come after you and use the things that don’t matter and they’re going to use that to bury the whole thing and silence you,” she said.

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