Crenshaw Rips Sanders With ‘Actual Solutions’ After He Slammed Overcrowded Border Facilities As ‘Inhumane’

Rep. Dan Crenshaw is telling Sen. Bernie Sanders not to “virtue signal” and start supporting “actual solutions,” as the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate called the overcrowding situation at the southern border “inhumane.”

In a report released on Thursday, the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General warned about the situation at detention facilities, as they are dangerously overcrowded at the El Paso sector of the border with Mexico.

As the report said, about 750 people and 900 people on May 7 and 8, respectively, were found crammed into a facility that’s supposed to hold a maximum of 125 people during an unannounced visit.

“We observed dangerous overcrowding at the facility with single adults held in cells designed for one-fifth as many detainees,” the report reads.

“Dangerous overcrowdings” like these also included 76 detainees in a cell that has a maximum capacity of 12, 41 detainees in a cell with a maximum capacity of eight, and 155 detainees placed in a cell with a maximum capacity of 35.

“We are concerned that overcrowding and prolonged detention represent an immediate risk to the health and safety not just of the detainees, but also DHS agents and officers. […] Border Patrol management on site said there is an ongoing concern that rising tensions among detainees could turn violent. […] Dangerous overcrowding among single adults in PDT requires immediate action.” The report reads.

The Vermont senator slammed the situation as “inhumane,” tweeting that “it must stop NOW.”

“We must end the dehumanization of immigrants and develop a humane policy for those at the border who seek asylum,” Bernie Sanders added.

Dan Crenshaw, a vocal member of Congress on the southern border crisis, responded to Berine Sanders as he listed out things the senator could do to make a difference.

“Maybe you won’t support actual solutions because you prefer to virtue signal about the crisis?” Dan Crenshaw concluded. While Bernie Sanders is claiming he wants a fix to the asylum process, as Dan Crenshaw pointed out, Sen. Lindsey Graham proposed a plan to fix U.S. asylum laws.

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