Sanders Trashes Billionaire Who Gave Money To Students – Claims That’s The Government’s Problem

Bernie Sanders’s favorite pastime is calling out evil billionaires for their evil doings. Bernie Sanders found the perfect opportunity to do this once again as billionaire Robert F. Smith announced he would be paying off the student debt of those who graduated from Morehouse College.

Sanders pointed out the egregious waste of money as a perfect example that charity can’t solve our problems

“A very kind gentleman, a billionaire, forgave the debts of students at Morehouse. What he did was very generous, but the truth is that private charity alone is not going to solve a problem in which some 40 million Americans are struggling with right now.” Bernie Sanders said at a rally Monday.

There’s no act of private generosity that would not lead Sanders to use it to also trash the government. This time he event criticized Robert F. Smith, a generous black man that just wanted to help his struggling community.

It’s fair to mention that at a time when black colleges are struggling and many students are being hit by the debt crisis, Robert F. Smith’s donation is a big deal.

“This lifts a huge weight off my family’s back,” Deionte Jones, a 22-year-old 2019 Morehouse graduate with $25,000 in debt, told the Washington Post.

Smith is a black man with a net worth of $5 billion. He pledged to pay off the debts of hundreds of young black college graduates carries and send a powerful message about the trans-formative power of wealth and how that it be used can create opportunities particularly for black students — who are more likely than other groups to face high levels of student debt.

Maybe Bernie should pitch in and donate one of his houses to help the students pay of their debts.

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