Just Hours Before He Passed Away, A Powerful Message Was Published By Rev. Billy Graham’s Facebook Page

One of the worlds most famous evangelists, Rev. Billy Graham died Wednesday at the age of 99. Graham was an international media darling and America’s pastor. He was a preacher to many presidents and the voice of confort in many times of national greef.

Just a few hours before Billy Graham passed away, his Facebook page posted a powerful mesageabout wandering away from God.

‘If you went for a walk in the woods, but then decided to wander off the path, and found yourself surrounded by a thicket of thorns and poison ivy, who would you blame? Would you blame the person who built the path? No, of course not. Instead you’d blame yourself if you were honest, because you alone were responsible for wandering from the path. In a far deeper way, this is what happens when we decide to leave God out of our lives. For a time, it may seem like wandering away from Him doesn’t make any difference; it may even seem easier and freer. But eventually it catches up with us—just as wandering off that path and into the thicket caught up with you.’ —Billy Graham #BG100

Christian evangelist Graham was one of the most influential preachers of the 20th century. He was well known for his direct delivery of the message of Christ and the Christian gospel.

Billy Graham ones spoke of his own death and said ‘I am not going to Heaven because I have preached to great crowds or read the Bible many times. I’m going to Heaven just like the thief on the cross who said in that last moment: ‘Lord, remember me.’

President Trump posted a tweet Wednesday to express his condolences. ‘There was nobody like him! He will be missed by Christians and all religions. A very special man.’

Susan Harding, an anthropologist at the University of California-Santa Cruz also had a few things to say about Rev. Graham ‘He was so real, he made Christianity come true,‘ she said. ‘He was homespun, historical and newsworthy all at once. He could span the times from Christ to today, from the globe to you, all in one sentence.’

Graham’s reputation was untouched by financial or sex scandals. His last crusade was in New York City on June 2005, where he drew 242,000 people to Flushing Meadows. 8,786 of them made a new commitment to Christ and thousands more renewed or rejoiced in their faith.

Heaven is rejoicing today! RIP Billy Graham!

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