Kirstie Alley Has Had Enough, Rips CNN Reporter: “You Hate Trump, Just Report That”

Hollywood star and proud Trump supporter Kirstie Alley wishes that the biased, pretentious “reporters” who work for CNN would just up and admit already that they hate President Trump.

As previously reported, so-called “journalists” began bellyaching, because God forbid the president not wearing a mask while standing outside, and by himself.

What was not reported at the time was Alley’s ferocious response specifically to infamously hypocritical CNN “journalist” Kaitlan Collins.

“Only days into his diagnosis, the first thing President Trump does when he gets back to the White House is take his mask off,” she’d tweeted in apparent exasperation.

In response, Kirstie Alley wrote this (*Language warning):

In a follow-up tweet, Alley mocked members of the demonstrably anti-Trump media for having “failed” to ”destroy” the president.

The media of course deny their bias, but the evidence is so glaring. Just take the media’s response to the 2020 vice presidential debate.

As of Thursday morning, only hours after the debate’s conclusion, incumbent Vice President Mike Pence had already been smeared as “flaccid” & “limp and lame,” while Democrat VP nominee Sen. Kamala Harris had been praised as “spicy” and “deft.”

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