“Why Would She Tell Them Anything?” – Whoopi Defends Kamala Harris’ Debate Night Dodges

“The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg defended Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris for dodging questions at Wednesday night’s debate.

During a segment of the show, Goldberg argued that Kamala Harris should not have to answer questions about what she and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden had talked about or planned to do if they won the election in November.

Goldberg began with a joke about the fly that landed on Vice President Mike Pence’s head during the debate, saying, “Well, I will say I felt the fly was well represented. I thought the fly made some really interesting points, and so I think the real winner from last night is the fly.”

She went on to say that she was actually glad that Harris refused to answer some of the questions asked because she had spent the last four years watching President Trump’s administration “dodge and not answer stuff.”

“Why would she tell them anything about what she and Joe plan to do or what they’ve discussed or how they’ve discussed it?” Goldberg asked. “It only gives them more fodder and I think they’re just starting to come into that — oh, yeah. Yeah. You want to know, but we’re not going to tell you, and when we’re ready to let the people know, we’ll tell them. And I like that.”

Cohost Joy Behar raised the question of court-packing — one of the questions that neither Biden nor Harris has been willing to answer — and said, “I was going to answer Sara who wanted to hear about — she wanted to hear about the 13 people on the Supreme Court. That’s a hypothetical question. There’s no reason why she has to answer a hypothetical question.”

“I think after all this time though, they’re smart. They could answer it differently than dodging because I think that — it just — I want to hear something,” cohost Sara Haines pushed back. “Because it matters just as much as people are talking about the Supreme Court on the other side and wanting to sway it, like, I have thoughts on where — it doesn’t change my vote. I’m just saying as a concerned citizen and a supporter”

Behar cut in again then, saying that if it wasn’t going to change votes there was no point in Harris answering the hypothetical questions.

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