Laura Ingraham Burns Rachel Maddow For Wearing ‘Tin Foil Hat’ & Her Russia Theories

Fox News host Laura Ingraham teased MSNBC host Rachel Maddow as a “tin foil hat wearer” whose “Russia theories fell flat.”

Host Ingraham began her Friday night show on Fox News with a “somber note for our friends in the press” who “had to deliver the terrible news that the president of the United States did not conspire with a foreign government to steal an American election.”

“It looks like their dogs died or something,” Ingraham quipped after showing a video of other hosts reacting to the latest Mueller report news.

“All of their dogs died. They are all depressed. In the aftermath of a two-year nonstop hype machine, you might think they’d take a moment and examine their errors, a little introspection, a little thinking about what went wrong. Everything that caused them to overreach.”

Instead, the Fox News host contended, they have “moved on to cover all of the new Trump scandals” regardless of how “miniscule the story.”

“It gets better,” said Ingraham, moving to Maddow after showing more video. “Still reeling from being exposed as a tinfoil hat wearer after her Russia theories all fell flat, Rachel Maddow has a new conspiracy to unravel.”

The Maddow clip showed the MSNBC host speculating that the President’s administration “actually has no plan to go back to the moon” because of something Vice President Mike Pence said in a speech.

“At least she didn’t actually call into question the moon landing, that’s good,” Ingraham joked.

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