Leo Terrell Rips Kamala Harris For Failing To Visit Ambushed Sheriff’s Deputies

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell criticized Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris, saying that she should’ve visited the Los Angeles deputies who were ambushed and shot.

Terrell appeared Tuesday on “Hannity” and said that Kamala Harris made a public visit to Jacob Blake, who was shot in the back by police officers, but had not yet visited the sheriff’s deputies in her own state who had been shot while doing their jobs.

“What do you think of these agitators, they’ve not been held accountable?” host Sean Hannity began. “We always have these high profile incidents, Ferguson, Baltimore, all the videotape, all the people involved in crime and we never arrest them, we never follow through. Well, that’s stupid to me.”

“I agree. And let me tell you, it’s too little, too late,” Terrell replied. “The polls are leaning in favor of Donald Trump. The American public gets it.”

Terrell also said that many of the arrests that had been made were like “token arrests,” like nothing more than a parking ticket. He said that he believed the Democrats were getting worried because they saw the tide turning in favor of President Trump’s message with regard to law and order.

“Let me tell you one other point. Kamala Harris, you should be ashamed of yourself,” Terrell concluded. “If you went to Jacob Blake’s family’s house, go to those officers houses right now and feel sympathetic for those two officers who got shot and ambushed. It’s outrageous that Kamala Harris has not responded and she’s a senator from California.”

Harris posted a response to the shooting on social media, echoing the sentiments of her running mate, former Vice President Joe Biden.

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