Fox News Host & Panelist Urge Newt Gingrich To Stop Bringing Soros Into Discussion

During a bizarre and awkward exchange, Fox News host Melissa Francis specifically suggested former House Speaker Newt Gingrich should not bring billionaire activist George Soros into the discussion.

After Newt protested, saying “He paid for it!,” Liberal Fox News panelist Marie Harf chimes in and says “No he didn’t. I agree with Melissa. George Soros doesn’t need to be a part of this conversation.”

After several seconds of awkward silence that feel like they last forever, Newt says “ok….. so it’s verboten.” (meaning forbidden)

Earlier this month, Newt Gingrich also tweeted “Why are some in the left so afraid of our mentioning George Soros’ name that they scream anti-semitic? It IS his name. He IS funding pro-criminal,anti police district attorneys. Why is the left afraid of the facts?”

Many people on soicial media were disturbed about the hosts reactions and shared their thoughts on Twitter.

David Dudenhoefer wrote on Twitter in reaction to the exchange: “I didn’t realize how left Fox News has become until this very moment. Newt Gingrich is 100% accurate with the best analysis I’ve ever heard. Apparently the truth is “verboten” on Fox. My question is: What does George Soros have on the powers-that-be at Fox News?”

Sebastian Gorka commented “He who must not be mentioned. Nothing to see here.”

Jonathan Gilliam wrote “This is the most disturbing exchange I’ve ever seen on television.”

Some Twitter users are appealing directly to Melissa Francis to explain what took place.

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