“We Don’t Censor On This Show” – Faulkner Responds To Critics After Cutting Off Gingrich For Saying “George Soros”

Fox News Harris Faulkner just commented on yesterday’s show where two panelists censored Newt Gingrich for bringing up the name ‘George Soros’ in relation to continued violence in Democrat cities where these Soros DAs are letting violent criminals back onto the streets.

Faulkner admits that she was silent while Melissa Francis and Marie Harf censored Newt Gingrich, but she doesn’t apologize for it.

She just claimed that it wasn’t “ideal.”

She then reiterates that Newt Gingrich should have been allowed to have his say with respect and said “we don’t censor on this show.”

The funny thing is she doesn’t mention what it was about, and only spoke in vague terms about it.

But many folks were not satisfied with her so called apology. It’s as if she still didn’t want to say the name ‘George Soros’.

In related news, Victoria Toensing says she and Joe DiGenova aren’t on Fox News anymore because Joe also brought up George Soros.

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