Martin Luther King Jr.’s Niece Defends Trump Against Racist Allegations After Meeting With Baltimore Pastors

Many Democrats deemed President trump’s remarks against Rep. Elijah Cummings and his city as racist, but Martin Luther King, Jr.’s niece is painting a different picture on what she believes President Trump meant.

President Trump stirred controversy few days ago when he posted tweets blasting the Democratic lawmaker for criticizing border law enforcement for conditions at the southern border detention facilities rather than cleaning up his “disgusting, rat and rodent infested” district.

The President’s comments received condemnation from multiple 2020 Democratic candidates, as Sen. Elizabeth Warren labeled it “ugly and racist,” and Sen. Bernie Sanders called President Trump “racist.”

However, Dr. Alveda King – a former Georgia state representative – appeared on Fox News and said that President Trump’s Baltimore comment conflict did come up during the meeting.

“What the president’s simply saying [is]: ‘Your communities need to be fixed,’” she said.

She continued to blast Rep. Cummings for the city of Baltimore being a place where one see’s “individuals suffering, you see the community suffering, and families suffering.”

Dr. Alveda declared that when President Trump met with Black American faith leaders and pastors during an Oval Office meeting on Monday that it “was not a photo op.”

Dr. King Defends Trump After Meeting with Pastors

“The president [is] simply saying your communities need to be fixed”-Dr. Alveda King defends President Trump after he met with faith leaders amid the Baltimore debate

Posted by Fox & Friends on Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Rev. Bill Owens also said, “Two hours of discussion, that’s not a photo-op,” according to CNN. The pastor noted that issues facing the Black American community were discussed during the meeting.

When asked if the meeting was “damage control” by President Trump, Rev. Owens said “it was not,” and he doesn’t think the president is racist.

“When you look at the opportunity zones, when you look at what he’s doing for our prisoners, which is a main factor. The fact that he met with us today is a factor,” Bill Owens said. “He wanted to know from us what should he do in America.”

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