Maxine Waters Demands AG Barr To Resign Or Be Impeached: ‘He Needs To Go’

On Tuesday, Rep. Maxine Waters appeared on MSNBC’s “All In” and said, in light of The Washington Examiner Post’s report that Robert Mueller told AG William Bar his summary “didn’t fully capture the nature, context and substance” of the probe, Barr should resign or be impeached.

“I think that Barr should resign. If he does not resign, he should be facing impeachment proceedings also.” said Maxine Waters.

“He has abdicated on his responsibility. He’s lied. He has used the very words coming right out of the president’s mouth, no collusion, no collusion, no collusion, and made a decision that despite what the counsel put into that report about obstruction of justice, he said he made the decision that he had not obstructed justice” she continued.

“It is outrageous, and he needs to go.” Rep. Maxine Waters concluded.

The California Democrat trashed AG Barr even before the report was released. On the eve of Special Counsel Mueller’s report being released to the public, Waters called the attorney general “a lackey and a sycophant” for President Trump.

Last month, Waters attacked AG Barr during a speech at a Woman’s National Democratic Club dinner.

“I know that you are all worried about the special counsel and the fact that we have a report that has been described to us in a letter by the attorney general. We don’t know what’s in the report yet, and we’re going to demand it.” she said.

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