Media Reveals First Details Of GOP Controlled Senate’s Trump Impeachment Trial

Today, Senator Mitch McConnell held a meeting with GOP Senators to discuss multiple topics specifically the impending impeachment.

If anyone thinks that think the House won’t impeach you have not been paying attention – the only question is how transparent the process will be.

Technically, Nancy Pelosi can do it all behind closed doors and then hold a vote and the public will most likely never see what evidence they have or do not have.

So Sen. Mitch is just getting ready for the inevitable. He thinks it will happen around Christmas, they mentioned that Bill Clinton’s impeachment took 6 weeks, and they expect to work 6 days a week on it and do little else during the trial, two reporters say.

“McConnell gave a presentation that included slides at today’s Senate GOP lunch on the logistics of the impeachment process and how a hypothetical trial would work, per Cramer. He says Syria barely came up,” Igor Bobic reported.

“Members discussed the potential length of the impeachment trial (Clinton’s was 6 weeks), the daily schedule (can’t deal with other business unless there is consent), and the potential that the trial runs into the holidays.”

“Asked twice if he thinks Trump’s phone call with leader of Ukraine is appropriate, McConnell dodges by saying president is owed due process in the House.”

CNN reporter Lauren Fox also had something to say about this: “A focus of GOP lunch today was Majority Leader McConnell explaining how impeachment trial would work.”

“One person familiar said there are still a lot of unknowns, but a few nuggets:

Trial would be six days a week except for Sundays.

No socializing on the floor during the trial.”

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