“Mrs. Biden, Can Joe Come Out & Debate?” – New Pro-Trump Video Goes Viral On Social Media

New video promoting Trump-Pence 2020 features the faces of President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and other notables superimposed on children showing them pleading with “Jill Biden” for “Joe” to come outside.

The meme was apparently made by Twitter users Mad Liberals and Jeremy View involves a scene from the 1996 ‘coming of age’ film “Jack,” starring the late Robin Williams.

“Mrs. Biden? Mrs. Biiiiiden,” says a child with President Trump’s face superimposed on a sidewalk in front of a two-story home. “Can Joe come out and debate?”

A mother with Jill Biden’s face comes to the front porch and says, “I’m sorry,” as a child with Joe Biden’s face is seen watching from a window on the second floor. “He can’t. But why don’t you try again?”

Next, two kids featuring the faces of Donald Trump Jr. and Fox News host Tucker Carlson come to the house to see if “Joe” can debate.

The Jill Biden character walks onto the porch to say, meekly, “He doesn’t want to,” as the scene moves again to the Joe Biden character looking down from the window.

Diamond & Silk also come to the home and ask, “Can Joe come out and debate?”

“Girls, I’m sorry, he doesn’t want to,” Jill responds.

One of the duo’s characters then asks, “Can we at least see him so we’ll know that he’s alive?” as Joe stares out the window.

“I told you — he’s not even alive,” says one of the girls as they walk away.

The ad comes as the Trump campaign has been attempting to convince the former vice president to agree to additional debates sooner rather than later because early absentee voting is slated to begin soon.

Currently, the first debate is scheduled for Sept. 29, but that’s if it happens. Democrats, along with their media allies, have been pushing Biden not to debate the president giving various reasons.

Many people reacted on social media to the pro-Trump ad.

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