Relative Of Family Massacred By Cartel In Mexico Urges Americans To “Fight” For Their Guns

Earlier this week, a relative of the nine U.S. – Mexican citizens who were brutally murdered in Mexico told CNN host Anderson Cooper to his face that he and other Americans need to “fight” for their constitutionally guaranteed gun rights.

“I don’t know where you’re standing on the whole [idea of] trying to take away the guns in America right now, but I say fight for those guns,” Kendra Lee Miller said during a discussion with Cooper on his show.

Some of the hosts on the left side of the network have displayed a glaring disdain for guns.

“These things are happening here in Mexico because people can’t protect themselves because by law they’re not allowed to own these guns,” Miller continued. “So since the government isn’t doing their job of protection in the way that they should, these cartels can just wreak havoc and the people are left defenseless. So I say hold onto your guns, people.”

She made the comments while speaking about the lack of government protection that people in Mexico face every day.

“It’s not just us,” she initially said as she described others who’ve suffered because of uncontrolled cartel violence.

“There were two people who went missing, and we haven’t ever heard of their whereabouts from a community 10 minutes away from us,” she said. “And there are people that have been involved and worked for us — not those two specifically but the families of — and what’s happening here is [that] the Mexican people are oppressed.”

“They’re being abused by these cartels, living in fear of their lives. We can’t drive public roads safely,” she continued. “We’re being threatened that we can’t even take some public roads, or else we’ll have bad things happen to us … But it’s not just my community. It’s all of Mexico. So many people are not protected the way that they should be.”

Miller’s sister-in-law was among the 9 deceased LeBaron family members, including 6 children, who were shot and/or burned to death during a gruesome massacre committed by a Mexican cartel, as BPR reported.

They families were driving in several vans reportedly en route to Phoenix when they were ambushed by cartel members in the Mexican state of Sonora.

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