Rush Limbaugh Fires Back At Donna Brazile For Telling Ronna McDaniel To “Go to Hell” On Live TV

Conservative icon Rush Limbaugh fired back at Donna Brazile during his radio show for telling GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel “Go to Hell!”

Rush argued that “Donna Brazile’s losing it” and said “I think Ronna McDaniel got a little too close to the truth there.”

Rush also calls out Brazile for hypocrisy, saying “Yeah, Donna Brazile doesn’t cheat. She was only, what, in 2016? Caught giving Hillary Clinton debate questions!”

From RushLimbaugh.com:

Okay. So the point here is that Donna Brazile’s losing it. She told Ronna McDaniel go to hell on Fox News. (impression) “Go to hell, Ronna! Go to hell! First of all, I want to talk to my Republicans. Stay the hell out of our race! Go to hell.” Oh, man. Because, you see, Donna Brazile’s a Hillary acolyte, and they did rig things against Crazy Bernie in 2016. Everybody knows it, and they used the superdelegates to do it — and they’re trying it again this year, and that’s what Ronna McDaniel is pointing out.

By the way, it’s not just Ronna McDaniel that’s talk about a possible brokered convention in Milwaukee at the Democrat convention. The Democrats are talking about it! Democrat strategists, analysts — I mean, they pick these people off the street and put ’em on TV as strategists and analysts — and they’re predicting a brokered convention in Milwaukee. Ronna McDaniel, she’s just repeating what she’s hearing Democrats say. You know… You know the bottom falls out when Donna Brazile’s accuses Ronna McDaniel using Russian talking points.

Russian talking points. Now, this is why a bunch of us wonder… You know, we want to tune into Fox. Why do we have to sit there and listen to Donna Brazile? This is exactly why. We know that she is a devious, deceitful political operative. She’s not an analyst or strategist in that sense. You know, her reaction that you just heard here is classic of liberal Democrats. You can’t criticize ’em. You criticize ’em, and all hell’s gonna break loose.

You’re either gonna be called a racist, accused of being a racist, or you’re gonna be told to go to hell or some such thing as that. You know, “How dare! How dare a Republican criticize us. How dare!” Yet what do you people do all day? You’re lying about Donald Trump colluding with Russia. You’re lying about Donald Trump spreading a disease and calling it a hoax. You get to run around. You get to mischaracterize and lie about Republicans and conservatives all day long, and you do it throughout your entire media.

Here’s one little example where the Republican National Committee chairwoman runs back and says, “Well, you know, Democrats are trying to rig the game against Crazy Bernie and may have a brokered convention,” and look what happens. She loses it! (interruption) No, I haven’t. I haven’t said a word about racism here. I haven’t. I wouldn’t be surprised if later on — if this doesn’t simmer down — if Donna Brazile brings race into it. No, no, I haven’t been the one to do that.

RUSH: I think Ronna McDaniel got a little too close to the truth there. I mean, look at it this way. If you’re not trying to rig the game against Crazy Bernie and if you’re not gonna have a brokered convention and if whoever gets the most delegates actually is gonna win the nomination and a Republican comes along on TV and says it’s about the tenth or 12th time, it’s by no means the first time — why not laugh at it, make a joke about it, ’til Ronna McDaniel you’re crazy.

But Donna Brazile lost it. She lost it the way people who have been called out accurately lose it. Now, sometimes people can lose it like that if they’re really, really being lied about, like Trump is routinely lied about. But he doesn’t react even that way, the way Donna Brazile did. So I think the problem that Donna Brazile has is everybody knows what’s going on here. It is so obvious what’s going on. They’ve made it clear.


RUSH: Yeah, Donna Brazile doesn’t cheat. She was only, what, in 2016? Caught giving Hillary Clinton debate questions! She was caught giving Hillary Clinton questions prepared for a town hall meeting on CNN, whatever it was. Yeah, Donna Brazile. But she doesn’t cheat. “Oh, yeah! You Republicans, you need to shut up! You need to shut up about way we Democrats do things. You’re not allowed to talk about the way we Democrats do things. Screw you!”

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