Scarborough Calls Melania “Shameless” & Trashes Her For Not Criticizing Trump When He Attacked His Wife Mika

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough called First Lady Melania Trump “absolutely shameless” and the RNC an “alternative reality” in a post-event critique.

Scarborough got personal and blamed the First Lady for not criticizing her husband when President Trump attacked him and his wife Mika.

“Of course, never heard her criticize her own husband when he said that Mika was bleeding badly from a facelift or when I was a murderer” Scarborough said.

“…Or when a woman who had passed away tragically 19 years ago, her husband was begging Donald Trump to stop being so hateful and causing their family extraordinary pain, begging him to stop and he just continued, over and over again, causing pain for that family.”

Scarborough continued: “So I guess she’s fine with Donald Trump savaging other people every day, causing immeasurable pain, being the most extraordinarily hateful, malevolent force in American politics on a personal level in his constant daily attacks, but she’s going to stand up and lecture? About gossip?”

“She’s inside the house, going to lecture about gossip? And she’s going to lecture about the meanness of social media? I mean, seriously.”

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