Sen. Cruz: “Barrett Is Going To Be Confirmed By This Committee & By The Full Senate”

Today, Texas Senator Ted Cruz declared “The last three days of hearings have revealed very good news.”

He added “they have revealed the news that Judge Barrett is going to be confirmed by this committee and by the full Senate”

Senator Ted Cruz “With two full days of questioning, we have seen that our Democratic colleagues have very few questions raised about judge Barrett‘s qualifications…”

“Instead, much of this hearing is focused on political attacks, attacks directed at President Trump.”

Sen. Ted Cruz also warned Wednesday that “the next fight” Republicans will face if Democrats assume control of the Senate will center on court packing. He railed against the practice, and used several prominent Democrats’ own words on the subject to support his case.

Cruz joined other Republicans in speaking out against the concept of one party exerting power by increasing the size of the Supreme Court so they can confirm judges whose philosophies are in line with their own.

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