Maxine Waters Claims Ben Carson’s New Rule Is ‘Cruel’ And Demands Trump Withdraw ‘Senseless’ Proposal

Maxine Waters slammed Ben Carson for his new HUD rule that plans to remove illegal immigrants from public housing and replace them with poor Americans.

Housing and Urban Development secretary Ben Carson announced the changes recently and received acclaim from most Americans who believe that this is the most generous country in history, but we need to help our citizens first.

Maxine Waters disagrees and wants the United States to be a free gravy train for anyone who can make it to our soil, while turning our backs on our own citizens who are most in need.

The Washington Examiner reported that House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters demanded that Trump’s administration must withdraw a proposal to tighten regulations aimed at limiting public housing benefits to immigrants living in the U.S. illegally.

Waters and more than 20 Democrats from the committee criticized Saturday the “senseless” proposal from the Department of Housing and Urban Development after the agency acknowledged the policy could displace more than 55,000 children from public housing who are legal residents or citizens.

The proposal was published on Friday in the federal register, and said that it would target families in which at least one member is living in the country illegally.

Our current rules already bar illegal immigrants from receiving federal housing subsidies, but families of mixed immigration status — with at least one person being a legal resident — are exempted so they can all stay together.

“This proposed rule is yet another proposal from HUD under your leadership that fundamentally contradicts the agency’s mission ‘to create strong, sustainable, inclusive communities and quality affordable homes for all,’” the Dems wrote in a Friday letter to HUD Secretary Ben Carson. “This cruel and needless targeting of struggling immigrant families only contributes to historic patterns of inequality, which ultimately hinder the U.S. housing market and American economy.”

The newly proposed rule would allow individual members of mixed families who have legal status to stay in public housing. But since other members of the family without status would be barred, the ones with legal status would be unlikely to stay for fear of separating the family, HUD’s own analysis found.

Maxine Waters Demands AG Barr To Resign Or Be Impeached: ‘He Needs To Go’

On Tuesday, Rep. Maxine Waters appeared on MSNBC’s “All In” and said, in light of The Washington Examiner Post’s report that Robert Mueller told AG William Bar his summary “didn’t fully capture the nature, context and substance” of the probe, Barr should resign or be impeached.

“I think that Barr should resign. If he does not resign, he should be facing impeachment proceedings also.” said Maxine Waters.

“He has abdicated on his responsibility. He’s lied. He has used the very words coming right out of the president’s mouth, no collusion, no collusion, no collusion, and made a decision that despite what the counsel put into that report about obstruction of justice, he said he made the decision that he had not obstructed justice” she continued.

“It is outrageous, and he needs to go.” Rep. Maxine Waters concluded.

The California Democrat trashed AG Barr even before the report was released. On the eve of Special Counsel Mueller’s report being released to the public, Waters called the attorney general “a lackey and a sycophant” for President Trump.

Last month, Waters attacked AG Barr during a speech at a Woman’s National Democratic Club dinner.

“I know that you are all worried about the special counsel and the fact that we have a report that has been described to us in a letter by the attorney general. We don’t know what’s in the report yet, and we’re going to demand it.” she said.

Republican Looking To Take Waters’ Seat Rips Her For Attacking President Trump: ‘We Must Impeach You’

Omar Navarro, the Republican congressional candidate looking to step in to take Rep. Maxine Waters’ seat, is calling for her to be “impeached” from Congress amid her countless attacks on President Trump.

In response to Waters calling President Trump’s supporters “unpatriotic,” Navarro responded that instead, “We must impeach you from Congress for encouraging threats towards Americans and our President.”

On Thursday, Navarro appeared on “Fox News” and sounded off on Waters, who has frequently called for Trump’s impeachment, noting that she may need to be the one to be booted from her role in our government.

The California congressional candidate stated that Waters must be impeached for her “disorderly behavior,” adding that U.S. voters within their district “want to see somebody that’s going to unite them.”

“They’re seeing Maxine Waters as dividing them, and they’re tired of it,” he added. “[…] I think that it’s time for a change. It’s time for someone who’s going to bring back jobs, bring back stability, common sense into our district, and I feel that I can do that.”

Maxine Waters appeared on MSNBC and claimed that “this president is more than arrogant,” adding, “This president has defied everybody and everything.”

“As the level of interest and the level of not putting up with this president any longer comes to the forefront and lays on, and leans on, and pressures the Congress of the United States, we’re going to have to do it. We’re going to have to impeach. I just wish it was sooner than later.” Waters said on the pressure of impeachment.

On Tuesday, she posted a series of tweets attacking the President saying that “we must impeach Putin’s president Trump!”

“Ninety percent of the calls and mail I’m receiving in my office support impeachment of Trump and so do I,” Waters also tweeted.

Rep. Maxine Waters added that “Mueller kicked the impeachment ball to the Congress. […] What more do we need?”

While Navarro fell short in the 2018 midterm elections, losing with 22.3 percent compared to Maxine Waters holding 77.7 percent, the Republican candidate is looking to take over California’s 43rd House district in 2020.

Maxine Waters Gets Schooled On Student Loan Crisis: The Government Funded It, Not The Banks

During a House Financial Services Committee hearing with “megabank” representatives, Maxine Waters got schooled on the student loan crisis in America after she attempted to blame the big banks.

United States’ Several largest banks had representatives present to discuss the recovery and sustainability of our financial system ten years after the 2008 recession.

During the hearing, Maxine Waters attempted to tie the current student loan crisis to the big banks, asking the present representatives to explain what they are doing to help students. To Waters’ surprise, none of the banks she questioned had taken part in financing student loans, largely because the government took that over.

“Today, there are more than 44 million Americans that owe — there’s a student loan crisis. $1.56 trillion in student debt. Last month, this committee received testimony that, last year, 1 million student loan borrowers defaulted, which was on top of the 1 million borrowers who defaulted the year before. What are you guys doing to help us with the student loan debt? Who would like to answer first?”

None of the bankers stepped forward to answer her question because none of them were involved in student lending. Waters was forced to call on CEO and chairman of Bank of America, Brian T. Moynihan.

“We stopped making student loans in 2007 or so,” Moynihan explained, catching Maxine Waters totally off guard.

The CEO and chairman of Citigroup, Michael L. Corbat, noted that his bank exited in 2009.

JPMorgan Chase’s CEO and chairman, Jamie Dimon, put an even clearer point with his answer, directly pointing to government intervention as his bank’s reasoning for abandoning student loans.

“When the government took over student lending in 2010 or so, we stopped doing all student lending,” Dimon explained.

As the bankers noted, our government largely took over student lending and, under former President Barack Obama, they even added about $1 trillion to the total student loan burden.

It really looks as though there is a monolith who is responsible for giving students loans they cannot afford to pay back, it just isn’t the banking industry — it is the U.S. government.

Maxine Waters Goes Off On Mnuchin After He Tells Her To Take Her ‘Gavel And Bang It’

Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters bullied Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin while he gave his testimony before the House Financial Services Committee.

Steve Mnuchin’s Congressional hearing was related to the Democrats’ witch hunt for President Donald Trump’s tax returns, which Americans could not care less about.

Amazingly, Rep. Waters is the chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee despite being repeatedly labeled as one of the corrupt members of Congress by the George Soros-funded watchdog CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington).

In contrast to Waters, Mnuchin is a self-made businessman whose net worth is $300 million, money that he made before he started working for the Trump administration.

Mnuchin reportedly forgoes his $205,000 annual salary as Treasury Secretary. very similar to President Trump, Ivanka, and Jared Kushner, who all forgo their six-figure annual salaries.

Here’s what happened yesterday. Mnuchin asked Rep. Waters if he can finally leave the hearing after testifying before the committee the whole day.

Why? Because Mnuchin actually has work to do: He had a scheduled meeting with a senior official from Bahrain waiting for him. The two were to discuss national security issues and sanctions.

“I’ve just been advised that I’m under no obligation to stay. I’m here voluntarily. I will leave at 5:30, which is going to make me already 20 minutes late. So I’m happy to listen for another 10 minutes and then I will be leaving.”

“If you wish to keep me here so that I don’t have my important meeting and continue to grill me, then I will cancel my meeting and I will not be back here. I will be very clear if that’s the way you’d like to have this relationship.” he said.

Enraged Maxine Waters fired back, saying: “No other Secretary has ever told us the day before that they were going to limit their time in the way that you’re doing.”

Mnuchin said that it is wrong for Waters to order him to stay, because he was there voluntarily. Then he asked Waters to dismiss everyone, so it doesn’t appear like he was leaving without permission.

Please dismiss everybody. I believe you’re supposed to take the gavel and bang it. That’s the appropriate way,” Mnuchin remarked.

A furious Waters snarked back at him: “Please don’t instruct me on how I’m supposed to conduct this committee!”

Maxine Waters Claims That ’70 Percent Of Women’ Want President Trump Impeached

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters appeared on MSNBC on Monday, and said to host Chris Hayes that ‘70% of women who have been polled said that they want him impeached.’

It’s easy to throw out some statistics and act as though it’s the gospel truth. But is that the truth?

Daily Wire made a research in which they didn’t find any pool suggesting that ‘70% of women’ want President Donald J. Trump impeached.

A survey conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP) in October 2017 found that 55 percent of women ‘favored’ impeaching President Trump. 572 registered voters participated in the poll, which had a margin of error of +/- 4.1%.

A Morning ‘Consult/Politico’ survey conducted at the end of March found that 42 percent of women believe Congress ‘should begin impeachment proceedings to remove President Trump from office.’ 74 percent of self-identified women as ‘Democrats’ said the same. 1,997 registered voters participated in the poll, which had a margin of error of +/- 2%. It should be pointed out that 74 percent of Democratic women is not the same as 70 percent of women at large.

A Quinnipiac survey conducted in November 2017 asked their participants: ‘As you may know, President Trump has been accused of sexual harassment by multiple women, and is currently being sued by one of them in a defamation lawsuit. He has denied all of the accusations. If it is proven true that President Trump sexually harassed this or any other woman, do you think he should be impeached and removed from office or not?’ 65 percent of them responded ‘yes’ to that very specific impeachment question.

A PRRI survey conducted in December 2017 found that ‘women are split over impeachment, with equal numbers supporting (48%) and opposing (48%) it.’

Daily Wire reports, that they called the office of Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters multiple times to verify the statistic she stated, and were told that Rykia Dorsey the communications director, was busy. ‘We emailed Dorsey twice on Wednesday, twice on Thursday, and once on Friday, but have received no response.’

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