Trump Humiliates Jim Acosta After The CNN Reporter Tried To Showboat In France

CNN’s Jim Acosta is an inveterate showboat and people are getting really tired of his act. Acosta is infamous for making the news, not reporting it.

The CNN reporter has pulled the same stunt numerous times – he tries to antagonize the sitting president of the United States and then profit from the traffic.

Acosta desperately tries to get under President Trump’s skin so Trump will react and Jim can go viral on social media.

Jim Acosta thinks that he is standing up for the profession when all he’s doing is exposing the worst side of the media – the ones who create and push false narratives rather than simply report the news.

He was trying to goad President Trump into a brawl over climate change but the President simply ignored him and walked off the stage.

Jim Acosta groused later: “As this video shows, Trump walks away from perfectly capable of hearing the questions on whether he believes in climate change. He clearly heard and he didn’t want to answer it.”

“Saying you want “clean air” and “clean water” isn’t the same as recognizing the climate change threat.” Acosta said.

Unfortunately for the CNN reporter, this video clearly shows that the president was already leaving the stage when Jim Acosta began shouting at him.

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