Trump Knocks MSNBC Off Their High Horse Over Lisa Page Hiring: “This Is a Total Disgrace”

Disgraced FBI lawyer Lisa Page got a new job and President Trump was not happy with where she landed.

Page was announced as NBC and MSNBC’s new national security and legal analyst, and she made her debut today with these words from MSNBC host Nicole Wallace.

“We’re very happy to welcome to our network Lisa Page, former FBI lawyer who worked as special counsel for Robert Mueller’s legal team,” Nicolle Wallace said.

“She worked on the Russian government disinformation probe and on the Hillary Clinton email investigation.”

President Trump responded to the news with a post on Twitter.

“You must be kidding???” President Trump tweeted. “This is a total disgrace!”

The Daily Caller reported that Page was discovered in 2017 to be having an affair with former FBI agent Peter Strzok, who worked on special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation before he was removed for showing bias against President Trump in text messages exchanged with Page.

Many of the lovers’ texts, which were sent on agency-issued phones, were released by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI in 2017.

Page sued the DOJ and FBI for releasing her text messages, alleging that it was “illegal.”

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