Trump Supporter At Walter Reed: “When People Attack His Presidency, They Attack My Voice & My Vote”

Trump supporter Anna spoke with Breitbart News expressing her support for the President outside the Walter Reed medical facility.

Anna discussed why she supports President Trump and how she feels at this time when he is fighting COVID-19.

“Donald Trump had the courage and backbone, despite persecution, to speak for us and have commonsensical stances on major issues that we were not represented with,” Anna said.

“So the least we can do, when he’s suffered so much to represent us, is to come out here and let him know that the love for him is so great and we don’t always have the media megaphone, like hatred does.”

“But we’re enormous. We love him,” she continued.

Anna also explained that, “to give someone a voice is a very personal thing. It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give someone, and he’s given half of our country that. It’s personal.”

“The love for him is personal, and when people attack his presidency they attack my voice and my vote, which is my most sacred freedom as an American. So this is personal. I consider him family at this point… Trump 2020,” said Anna.

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