Trump’s UK Supporters Surprise Him With Warm Welcome Outside The Palace As He Arrives For The State Visit

President Trump has some fans in the United Kingdom as a group of supporters gathered to cheer him on outside of Buckingham Palace.

President Trump is currently in the United Kingdom on a state visit by Queen Elizabeth’s invitation. As previously reported, President Trump is only the third president to be given the honor of the trip, which prompted many to protest.

However, there were some people outside the palace that didn’t mind sharing their support, and as the Washington Examiner reported, they sang “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” to welcome President Trump.

As the President was leaving the Buckingham Palace, supporters broke into chanting his name as well as “U.S.A.!”

As President Trump arrived, people gathered outside the gate trying to catch a glimpse of the helicopter, shouting out “he is here” and cheering.

Sporting “Make America Great Again” hats, some supporters were obviously excited over having President Trump in their homeland and shared their thoughts on how much they were looking forward to his visit.

Although not everyone gathered in front of the palace were fans of President Trump, the chants of his supporters were met with no push-back.

Part of the president’s visit will be to join in commemorative ceremonies for the anniversary of D-Day in London and Normandy. While the state visit is ceremonial and President Trump will not be addressing political issues with leaders, some are dissatisfied that he was given that privilege.

A senior administration official claimed that there “is no better time to have a state visit to the United Kingdom than the 75th anniversary of D-Day.” Still not everyone agrees, with protesters planning an event outside the Palace for Tuesday.

“The UK should be turning its back on Trump’s harmful and divisive politics and not honoring his agenda with a state visit. We will be standing up to normalizing a racist, misogynist, Islamophobic leader who is a climate crisis denier,” claimed Mohammed Ateek, who is part of The Stop Trump Coalition.

Although they are expecting thousands of participants to show their support, the group of Trump supporters showed that not everyone shares the protesters opinion.

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