VIDEO: President Trump Opens Up On Michael Cohen at Press Conference

This Thursday, President Trump unloaded on his former lawyer Michael Cohen following his hearing with the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday, calling it “pretty shameful.”

When the President was asked about Cohen’s claims at the hearing that Trump was a con man, liar and a racist, he responded by saying: “Well, it’s incorrect and it’s very interesting because I tried to watch as much as I could. I wasn’t able to watch too much because I’ve been a little bit busy.”

“But I think having a fake hearing like that and having it in the middle of this very important summit is really a terrible thing,” Trump continued. “They could have made it two days later or next week and it would have been even better. They would have had more time.”

“But having it during this very important summit is sort of incredible, and he lied a lot,” said the President. “But it was very interesting because he didn’t lie about one thing: he said no collusion with the Russian hoax. I said I wonder why he didn’t lie about that too like he did everything else. I mean he lied about so many different things, and I was actually impressed that he didn’t say, ‘Well, I think there was collusion for this reason or that.'”

“He didn’t say that. He said no collusion,” President Trump added. “I was a little impressed by that, frankly. He could have gone all-out. He only went about 95% instead of 100%.”

The President then briefly turned the subject away from Cohen and focused on talking about the Russia investigation and the impact that it has had on the country.

“The fact is, there is no collusion, and I call it the witch hunt,” said President Trump. “This should never happen to another president. This is so bad for our country, so bad. You look at this whole hoax, I call it the Russian witch hunt, I now add the word hoax, it’s a very, very bad thing for our country.”

“But I was impressed with the fact that he — because the most important question up there was the one on collusion — and he said he saw no collusion,’ he said. “So we’ll see what happens. But it was pretty shameful, I think.”

The President also retweeted a tweet he posted on Wednesday, which stated: “Michael Cohen was one of many lawyers who represented me (unfortunately). He had other clients also. He was just disbarred by the State Supreme Court for lying & fraud. He did bad things unrelated to Trump. He is lying in order to reduce his prison time. Using Crooked’s lawyer!”

Michael Cohen was attacked by many politicians after his hearing on Wednesday for allegedly making false claims, which even CNN called him out over.

During the hearing, Cohen claimed that he never wanted to work in the White House, a claim that was quickly refuted by both CNN and multiple people who were close to the administration.

“I think the issue there is that one sentence: ‘I did not want to go to the White House.’ All of our reporting suggests that’s not true,” CNN’s Jake Tapper said.

CNN’s Dana Bash also noted that everyone “witnessed this in real time that this president probably more than any other, if he wants somebody in the White House, they’re there.”

“You know, Reince Priebus and John Kelly probably didn’t want Omarosa to be working in the White House and other people, but they were there because the president wanted it to be so,” Bash continued. “So if Michael Cohen and the president really wanted it to happen, more importantly the president, it would have happened and he wanted it.”

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