‘What’s Wrong With This Man?’ – Lou Dobbs Shuts Down Romney For Not Endorsing Trump In 2020

Lou Dobbs slams Mitt Romney over his weak and insincere remarks about President Trump’s reelection in 2020.

Romney went public and stated that he will not endorse President Trump in 2020 and while no one is surprised by his disloyalty, one wonders if he has lost his mind.

The people of Utah certainly would have liked to know where Mitt Romney stood on President Trump in 2020 before they put him the Senate.

As it was, Romney stayed silent until he won and now that he has a protected six-year term he trashes President Trump and won’t endorse him. What a joke.

Well Lou Dobbs is just about had it with the clown show that is Mitt Romney, so he didn’t wait long to blast him.

The Hill reported that Dobbs, a vocal backer of the President, referred to the GOP senator as a “never Trumper and a RINO” in a segment on Friday night. He began the segment by touting President Trump’s electoral chances in 2020 as well as predictions that there won’t be a recession in the coming year.

“Can you hear the tears falling on the marble floors under those terrible, terrible anti-Trump-ers?” he asked, suggesting more attention should be paid to “this booming Trump economy.”

He then shared news that Mitt Romney would not endorse in the 2020 presidential race, either before or during the general election when President Trump is seeking a second term.

“Romney says he has no plans to endorse President Trump for the 2020 election,” Dobbs began.

“I know many of you were waiting to hear what Romney would be saying about our president,” he deadpanned. “Well, there it is.”

Dobbs also noted that Mitt Romney was so far declining to endorse President Trump “or any other Republican candidate in the primary or general election.”

“I mean the despair is spreading across the country now,” he said.

Dobbs also pointed out that Mitt Romney declined to endorse Trump in 2016 before he eventually won, adding: “As you can see, he’s not a quick learner.”

Then he turned to interview former White House aide Kelly Sadler, a communications official for a pro-Trump super PAC, about Romney, asking: “What is wrong with this man?”

Romney, who has sporadically broken with the President on various policy issues, stated this week that he doesn’t plan to endorse anyone in the 2020 election.

”I’m wondering if we should call Romney and the RINOs who are not supporting the president … we could just call them the illuminati of the 6 percent, because the president has 94 percent … support of the Republican Party,” Dobbs claimed on his show Friday. “So I guess they want to build a base around 6 percent.”

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