Women Of Color Absolutely Buries BLM Activists: “I Don’t Need You To Co-Sign & Tell Me That My Life Matters”

When considering how desperate the Dems are in pushing their racially divisive agenda, their radical actions come into better focus more when you factor in that many black Americans are waking up to the propaganda on the left.

An example of this was seen in Southern California on Saturday, at a “Rescue America” rally speaking out against the “destruction of property and lives, the villainization of law enforcement, and the weaponization of tragedies,” as described by organizers.

A woman of color among the group, which marched peacefully from West Hollywood to Beverly Hills, was seen on video talking about the state of events in America.

“We are in a state of war,” she insisted. “So if you want to be a white girl, or a white boy, and come to this [rally,] come correct. Come with your numbers. If you have the videos of white people attacking black people, like the videos I see of black people attacking white people, show me the video!”

“Show me the numbers. Show me the news reports,” the woman continued. “Oh wait, it’s not true. You don’t have the evidence. So shut the f*ck up!”


When asked if she was black, she replied, “No. But it doesn’t matter if I am, I’m an American. Red, white and blue, baby.”

All the while, she is holding a #Walkaway sign, and while her language is coarse at times, she makes it clear to a protester that she does have time for their “while liberal bullsh*t.”

Another clip captured personal empowerment advocate Shemeka Michelle, one of the speakers at the event, dissecting a white Black Lives Matter activist so badly you will end up feeling sorry for the poor guy.

Michelle makes it clear in no uncertain terms that she doesn’t need his ilk speaking on her behalf, as she exposed BLM for what it really is.

The rally was organized by the #WalkAway Foundation, founded in 2018 by Brandon Straka to encourage people to leave the Democratic Party, with over four hundred people showing up.

Among the many participants were actors Scott Baio and Lorenzo Lamas, as well as noted Trump supporter Joy Villa.

“We’re a movement of people who are walking away from the Democratic Party,” Straka told Fox11 Los Angeles. “We’re walking away from the ideology of liberalism, the liberal media…basically, we want to live in a country with peace and civility…truthfulness, kindness and again, we’re not getting that from the political left so we’re walking away from the Democrats.”

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