Donald Trump Jr. Tears Through Rep. Omar Over Alleged Affair & Misuse Of Funds

Donald Trump Jr. blasted Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar in a social media post on Friday, raising questions about an alleged affair between the Minnesota congresswoman and a married man from Washington, D.C.

“To summarize: IlhanMN took (defrauded?) $$$ from donors who have very little disposable income. Then she ‘spent’ their cash with her lover, who was married to another woman,” Trump Jr. said.

“And all of this after speculation that she married her brother to get around U.S. immigration law. YIKES!” Trump Jr. added.

News broke this week that a woman from Washington named Dr. Beth Jordan Mynett filed for divorce from her husband Tim Mynett, after he told her he was having an affair with Rep. Omar.

Rep. Omar and Tim Mynett have also been spotted together holding hands.

There is more at issue here than just a ruined marriage, however. Tim Mynett works as a political consultant with the E Street Group, a company that provides consulting for Democratic candidates. Rep. Omar’s campaign paid the E Street Group $223,000, including $21,547 for Mynett’s travel, according to records.

As a piece in the Washington Examiner pointed out, most of the funds paid to the company were after Rep. Omar already won the primary race in her district and was going into the general election which she was nearly guaranteed to win, as the district is heavily Democratic.

President Donald Trump responded to the possible misuse of funds on Friday, telling The Daily Caller, “I think it’s terrible.”

“I think those allegations are absolutely terrible,” President Trump said.

Despite the alleged misuse campaign funds, many news outlets have been slow to cover questions about Rep. Omar’s alleged affair. Ilhan Omar has denied the allegations and called questions about her possible affair “stupid.”

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