Lindsey Graham Blasts Adam Schiff For Calling AG Barr ‘Dangerous’: ‘The House Democrats Have Lost Their Minds’

Sen. Lindsey Graham blasted Rep. Adam Schiff for calling Attorney General William Barr “dangerous” during an interview with Fox News on Tuesday.

Earlier in the day, the representative criticized AG Barr for his summary of Robert Mueller’s report, which found that President Trump’s 2016 campaign did not collude with Russia.

“I think he’s the second most dangerous man in the country,” Rep. Adam Schiff said at the time.

However, Sen. Lindsey Graham claimed that Rep. Adam Schiff isn’t trustworthy based on his past accusations of collusion.

“When Adam Schiff speaks you shouldn’t listen,” said Graham. “He’s the guy that saw a Russian behind every tree. Russia did interfere in our election, but Trump didn’t collude with the Russians but he told us he did, Mueller said no he didn’t. So he’s the chairman of the Oliver Stone caucus.”

As previously reported, some Democrats are still pushing for the President’s impeachment. Yet Sen. Graham said that was a sign that they are not willing to move on.

“The Democrats in the House have lost their mind when it comes to Trump,” Graham said. “The Mueller report is done, it’s over, no collusion between Trump and the Russians. But Adam Schiff will not stop until he destroys this presidency.”

Sen. Graham also pointed out that before the report’s release, William Barr was very respected due to his previous work in the intelligence community.

“Here’s what I think. There’s gonna be a backlash to that kind of thinking. Bill Barr is one of the finest men I’ve ever known, he was attorney general on Bush 41’s watch. He has some of the best credentials of anybody to ever hold the job. He’s a good man. He’s not the problem. This insane desire to destroy everything Trump is hurting the country.” He said.

The senator summed up issues that the Dems could be working on, claiming that the real danger was trying to create a false narrative.

“They won’t work with Trump on a border wall even though they supported it when Obama was president,” said Graham. “So I just disagree with Adam Schiff that Bill Barr is dangerous. What’s dangerous is to accuse the president of a crime he didn’t commit.”

Adam Schiff Sent a Letter Demanding Materials From Probe Into Trump-Russia Collusion Investigation

House Intelligence Committee chairmen, Rep. Adam Schiff, sent a letter to the heads of U.S. intelligence agencies in which he demands they turn over materials that are being sent to the Department of Justice as it reviews the origins of the FBI investigation in President Trump’s 2016 campaign. Rep. Schiff sent the letter to Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats, CIA Director Gina Haspel, FBI Director Christopher Wray and National Security Agency Director Paul Nakasone, as CNN reported.

Adam Schiff called President Trump’s directive to the agencies on May 23, ordering them to assist in the review “a disturbing effort by the President and the Attorney General to politicize the Intelligence Community and law enforcement, and raises grave concerns about inappropriate and misleading disclosures of classified information and IC sources and methods for political ends.”

That is a huge accusation coming from Rep. Schiff, who acted as a sieve for confidential information during Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation into whether President Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election.

In his letter, Rep. Schiff is worried that the investigation and directive, which may declassify information relating to how the investigation in President Trump’s campaign began, “threatens national security by subverting longstanding rules and practices that obligate you and other heads of IC agencies to safeguard sources and methods and prevent the politicization of intelligence and law enforcement.”

Schiff called the move “unnecessary,” and claimed AG Barr’s review didn’t require such declassification of IC methods.

The problem is that the IC community and law enforcement were politicized by the Obama administration, which used them to spy on the Trump campaign. It was Hillary Clinton’s campaign that paid for the dossier from ex-British Intelligence officer Christopher Steele (then working as an opposition researcher) that was included as evidence to obtain warrants against President Trump’s campaign officials. AG Barr is trying to reveal that politicization.

It’s telling that Rep. Schiff doesn’t want this information revealed.

Rep. Schiff also claimed that his committee would “conduct rigorous, ongoing oversight” of the intelligence agencies “and others in the IC to ensure that the Attorney General does not abuse his new and sweeping authority.” Schiff attempted at every turn to stop former House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes from doing the same of Robert Mueller’s investigation.

If anyone is at risk for revealing classified information, it is Adam Schiff. He is known for leaving behind-closed-door meetings with congressional witnesses to leak information from those meetings to media like CNN. Rep. Lee Zeldin stated that Rep. Schiff left during Donald Trump Jr’s testimony very often. Shortly after that, CNN would have a “scoop” on what was being said in the meeting.

Donny Ferguson, who worked for former congressman Steve Stockman, claimed that Rep. Schiff did the same thing during closed-door Benghazi hearings.

Adam Schiff is now demanding an “in-person briefing” from the heads of U.S. intelligence agencies to explain what has been requested of them during the DOJ investigation and to provide his committee with all the materials that have been delivered. He also demanded they inform his committee of any impending declassification requested by the DOJ.

Rand Paul Blasts Adam Schiff With a Wake-Up Call That Rings Just Like Barack Obama

Senator Rand Paul appeared on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday morning and slammed Rep. Adam Schiff, pointing out what a “hypocrite” he is regarding his political flip-flop on the subject of executive privilege.

Adam Schiff preceded Rand Paul on the program. Such a shame they were not face-to-face … that could have made for some prime viewing. The California Democrat and House Intelligence Committee chairman, told host George Stephanopoulos that President Trump’s use of executive privilege over the Mueller report was wrong.

Host Stephanopoulos asked him what the differences are between President Obama’s use of executive privilege, which Rep. Schiff enthusiastically defended, and President Trump’s which he opposes.

“There are categorical differences. So first, the Obama administration made dozens of witnesses available to the Congress, provided numerous thousands of documents. … But here, the Trump administration has decided to say a blanket no; no to any kind of oversight whatsoever, no witnesses, no documents, no nothing, claiming executive privilege over things that it knows there is no basis for,” Schiff said.

During Senator Paul’s at-bat, a clip of Schiff’s remarks were played and he was asked to respond.

“I think the clip you played of Adam Schiff showed it accurately,” said Paul. “He’s a hypocrite, you know, he was against – he was all for President Obama using executive privilege and now he’s against this president.”

“The bottom line is we spent $35 million investigating the president. Their conclusion was there was no underlying crime. This whole kibitzing about … ‘oh well, maybe he obstructed justice to try to hide an investigation about something he didn’t do.’”

“This is absurd and the American people know it, people have gone to their corners on it, but it’s important to remember that this was politically motivated from the very beginning, from a political document from the Hillary Clinton campaign.” he added.

“And that should be investigated because we cannot allow the incumbent parties to weaponize the intelligence communities to spy on Americans or on political candidates or potentially their donors. So there is a real danger to this and it is a constitutional one, but the Democrats have it completely upside down.”

Paul also made comments on the malarkey being tossed about the Dems that is nothing more than political sour grapes. “One of the things that Adam Schiff and the other partisans don’t understand is that if you’re accused of a crime by a grand jury and they don’t indict you, the prosecutor doesn’t go all over town saying we thought he did this, we thought he did this, this is all the evidence,” he claimed.

As for prosecuting the President on obstruction: “People are horrified by the idea that you could put someone in jail for obstructing justice on something where you didn’t commit the crime,” he said.

During Adam Schiff’s interview, he said that he was confident Mueller would testify before Congress.

“The American people have a right to hear what the man who did the investigation has to say and we now know we certainly can’t rely on the attorney general who misrepresented his conclusions,” said Schiff. “So he is going to testify.”

Adam Schiff Loses It Speaking Of Trump’s 2020 Reelection: ‘I Don’t Think America Could Survive Another 4 Years’

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff stated that America could not “survive” another four years if President Trump gets reelected.

Schiff appeared on an interview on “ABC This Week,” and told host George Stephanopoulos that he believes the reelection of President Trump could be detrimental to America. He claimed that President Trump “has to” lose in order to protect the “democratic institutions” of the country.

“[Trump’s reelection is] not going to happen. I don’t think this country could survive another 4 years with a president like this who gets up every day trying to find new and inventive ways to divide us. He doesn’t seem to understand that a fundamental aspect of his job is to try and make us a more perfect union, but that’s not at all where he’s coming from. He’s going to be defeated. He has to be defeated because I don’t know how much more our democratic institutions can take of this kind of attack on the rule of law.” he said.

While Chairman Adam Schiff may think the President is detrimental to the United States, Trump’s record doesn’t seem to show it.

Under President Trump’s administration, the U.S. economy is thriving. Nearly every subset of the economy — including women, veterans, Hispanic Americans, and Black Americans, have witnessed historically low unemployment rates. The average wages for these workers has also increased.

With the Opportunity Zone project, this administration has ensured that the economic successes America is seeing at-large are witnessed in low-income, inner-city neighborhoods, as well.

Outside of economy, the President has taken steps to ensure that the U.S. is a more just country by passing prison reforms to help non-violent criminals spend less time behind bars and have a smooth re-entry into society.

Beyond that, ISIS has been almost defeated, American prisoners have been released from North Korea, and the President promised to return the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

It looks as though America will survive the first four years of the Trump administration. It’s unclear why Adam Schiff does not think it couldn’t survive four more.

Adam Schiff Finally Put In A Tight Spot On The Steele Dossier – Refuses To Talk About It

On Sunday, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff refused to commit to investigating whether the Steele dossier is the product of Russian disinformation, a theory that been around in the wake of special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia report.

During an interview with Fox’s Chris Wallace, Adam Schiff refused to discuss the dossier, a remarkable shift for the Democrat, who endorsed Steele’s unverified allegations about Donald Trump associates during a public House Intelligence Committee hearing two years ago.

Schiff cited dossier author Christopher Steele’s name six times during his opening remarks at an Intelligence Committee hearing on March 20, 2017.

In the interview on Sunday, Wallace noted the Mueller’s report established that much of the Steele dossier was false or just impossible to verify. Wallace asked Adam Schiff whether it was appropriate to investigate if the dossier was the product of a Russian disinformation campaign.

Intelligence officials are considering whether Russian operatives planted disinformation with Steele, a former MI6 officer who has worked in Moscow, as The New York Times reported on Friday. Daniel Hoffman, a former CIA chief of station in Moscow, also recently told that he believes the dossier is the product of a Russian disinformation campaign.

“Don’t you think the question of exactly how this investigation began, was it a Russian disinformation campaign to try to get, since they were trying to set Americans against each other, not only to tarnish Hillary Clinton, but also to tarnish Donald Trump, isn’t that a legitimate source of an investigation?” Wallace asked Schiff.

Then the lawmaker dodged the question.

“Chris, you know, the reality is that the Republicans on our committee spent two years investigating exactly that because, frankly, they weren’t that interested in what Russia had done, the systemic attack on our democracy. They spent the focus of their two years investigating the investigators and investigating exactly that question,” Schiff said.

Wallace jumped in to point out that the report has raised new questions about the dossier, which was funded by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign.

“We do have new information, the Mueller report discredits a lot of that, says there was no indication that Carter Page did anything wrong. Shouldn’t you be looking at that just to find the truth?” asked Wallace.

Again, Schiff refused to commit to investigating Steele’s report, which the FBI used to obtain surveillance warrants against Carter Page, Donald Trump’s campaign adviser.

“Well, what we are going to be looking at is we’re going to be looking at all the counterintelligence findings that were the genesis of this investigation,” the California representative said. “Let me be very clear about this, the Mueller report makes it absolutely crystal clear that the initiation of this investigation was not only warranted, but absolutely necessary because it revealed a widespread, systemic effort by the Russians to help the Trump campaign.”

In his report, Robert Mueller said that Russian operatives disseminated emails stolen from the DNC and Clinton campaign. But he also failed to establish that the Trump campaign conspired with Russians to steal the emails or release them.

There were also no evidence that members of the Trump campaign, including Page, acted as foreign agents of Russia.

Mueller’s report specifically undercut one of the strongest allegations of collusion in the dossier. He said that former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen did not visit Prague in August 2016 to meet with Kremlin insiders, as the dossier alleges.

Chris Wallace Puts Adam Schiff In Hot Water For His Claims Of Collusion Proof

On Sunday, Fox News’ Chris Wallace slammed chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Rep. Adam Schiff asking the California Democrat about his claims to have seen proof of collusion between President Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Russia.

While he appeared on “Fox News Sunday,” Adam Schiff was pressed on his past claims of collusion evidence between Trump’s campaign and the Kremlin, even though Special Counsel Mueller’s report “did not establish” any collusion.

When Rep. Schiff attempted to push back, Wallace illustrated his point with a compilation of clips from interviews in which he repeated his claim that he indeed had seen proof that Trump’s campaign had colluded with the Russian government, including one during which he said the evidence was “in plain sight.”

Adam Schiff responded by saying that it was a “different question” as to whether there was enough evidence that “rises to proof beyond a reasonable doubt” to establish there was “conspiracy” between Trump’s campaign and the Russian government.

“And indeed that distinction was made in the opening pages of the Mueller report. So, when the president and his allies repeat this mantra of ‘no collusion,’ they clearly haven’t read or [are] ignoring the plain language of the report, where Bob Mueller says two things.”

“He says, “We’re not going to look into the question of whether it’s collusion. That’s a common-laid term that can be criminal or non-criminal conduct. We’re going to look at the crime of conspiracy.’”

Rep. Schiff added that Robert Mueller echoed a point that he made, saying that “the fact that you may not be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt a criminal conspiracy doesn’t mean there’s an absence of evidence of crime.”

Schiff has faced criticism from many Republicans for his repeated claims of collusion. Every Republican on the House Intelligence Committee — including Ranking Member Rep. Devin Nunes, recently called on Schiff to resign from his post as committee chair.

Trey Gowdy Sums Up Why CIA May Stop Giving Adam Schiff Information: He Leaks ‘Like A Screen-Door On A Submarine’

This Sunday, Former Republican South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy made a prediction that the U.S. intelligence community might stop providing information to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff because he leaks “like a screen door on a submarine.”

Rep. Trey Gowdy was asked to weigh in on Republicans’ decision Thursday to call on Schiff to step down as chairman of the House panel.

“Never seen that before,” said Gowdy, who served on the intelligence panel until January before leaving Congress. “We never voted to remove or ask a chairperson to step down.”

“Adam is a deeply partisan person. He did everything he could to make sure Hillary Clinton became president. And he’s done everything he could to keep a cloud over the Trump presidency,” Gowdy said of Schiff.

Gowdy suggested that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could potentially act to remove Schiff as chairman of the committee. He also stated that the CIA and other intelligence community agencies could withhold intelligence from him.

“The next thing that’s going to happen is the … different intelligence entities are going to say, ‘You know what, Chairman Schiff, if you don’t believe the information we provide to you … if you have the president of the United States, not just indicted but in jail and you continue to leak like a screen door on a submarine, we’re going to quit giving you information,’” said Gowdy.

“That’s when Pelosi will replace Adam Schiff with someone like [Connecticut Rep.] Jim Himes, who is someone who is a smarter and a lot more reasonable.”

Adam Schiff was a prominent voice among Democrats accusing the President and his administration of colluding with Russians to influence the 2016 election. Back in May 2017, he said he had seen “more than circumstantial evidence” of collusion.

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s evidence appear to be different. In a report delivered to the Justice Department on March 22, he stated that prosecutors “did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

Schiff has long been accused of leaking information to the media regarding the Russia probe.

Donald Trump Jr. has accused Schiff of leaking an inaccurate story about him back in December 2017. During Trump Jr.’s private testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, CNN broke a story that he had received an email in September 4, 2016, that included a link to WikiLeaks materials.

The story suggested that Trump Jr. received WikiLeaks documents before they were released to the public. But CNN’s sources turned out to be very wrong. The email was actually dated September 14, 2016, a day after the information was published.

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