Dan Bongino Rips Hillary After She Claimed Last Election Was ‘Stolen’ From Her

Former Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton is at it again. She is in tears about how the last election was “stolen” from her.

Hillary gave a “warning” to her fellow Democratic Candidates for 2020 that they can run the perfect campaign and “still have the election stolen” from them.

Fox News contributor and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino blasted Hillary Clinton by pointing out that SHE was the one who colluded with Russia and she is STILL the one who should be investigated.

Bongino appeared on “Fox & Friends” on Monday ripped Hillary, wondering, “Is there a politician with more temerity anywhere than Hillary Clinton?”

“Hillary Clinton’s team literally, not figuratively – ‘literally’ is the most overused word in the English language, not in this case — literally paid foreign spies to gather information from Russians to use to attack Donald Trump in the FISA court during the campaign,” Bongino said.

“And she’s now complaining that the election was stolen from her? I mean, the gall, the nerve on Mrs. Clinton.” he said in surprise.

“And I just wish more networks would do what we’re doing and stick to the facts on this case and start asking the questions about the REAL collusion. Why did Hillary’s team collude with Russian intelligence to feed information to our law enforcement. It’s a simple question.” he added.

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Heckled During Speech In Las Vegas By Brave Trump Supporter

Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill are on a Trump bashing tour visiting major cities in U.S. They are basically giving away seats as the demand for the dynamic duo has been very low.

They settled into Las Vegas and promptly trashed President Trump with Hillary even saying that she won in 2016 but the election was stolen from her.

That’s when a brave deplorable heckled her in the middle of her speech saying that she will be going to jail.

The man, who identified himself online as a Trump supporter and combat veteran, stood up during the opening stages of the Sunday evening show, and yelled: ‘You’re going to jail lady.’


His shouts drew a response from Hillary Clinton: ‘we have some people who’d rather shout than talk and listen’ – before he was escorted out by security.

After the incident, The Clintons settled in for an evening of criticizing the Trump presidency, accusing him of being ‘played’ by Russia.

Putin’s KGB training, Hillary said, had allowed him to size up and pull the strings on President Trump about issues ranging from 2016 election interference to North Korea.

‘I don’t understand exactly the pull out Putin has over him,’ Clinton said, as the Washington Examiner reported.

‘A lot of these tough guys on the international scene expect you to push back. Right now, we are ceding so much territory to him.’ she added.

She also bemoaned what she described as a double-standard in politics which sees women treated ‘more harshly.’

‘It is unfortunately still true that sexism and misogyny are alive and well in our political system,’ she said.

Women are held to a higher double standard and often more harshly, and we’ve got to get over that, my friends’ she claimed.

Former FBI Official Reveals That Agents Recovered Missing Clinton Emails In Obama’s White House – Anthony Weiner’s Computer

Former FBI official revealed that some of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails were recovered in the “executive offices” of the White House while former President Barack Obama held the office.

According to a disclosure obtained by Judicial Watch, the assistant director of the FBI Counterintelligence Division, Bill Priestap, admitted that the “email repositories were obtained” from the executive offices of the White House. Bill Priestap has retired from the FBI since then, as the Washington Examiner reported.

Judicial Watch questioned top intelligence officials after a judge ordered several key administrators to be deposed under oath about Clinton’s emails as it was connected to her private server and the emails sent regarding her response to the embassy attack at Benghazi.

This deposition exposed that missing emails were found at the White House, the State Department, and several individuals such as Clinton’s chief of staff, Cheryl Mills.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton stated that Clinton avoided criminal prosecution just because the White House was “implicated” in the email scandal while Ex-President Obama’s Department of Justice was investigating the use of the private server.

“This astonishing confirmation, made under oath by the FBI, shows that the Obama FBI had to go to President Obama’s White House office to find emails that Hillary Clinton tried to destroy or hide from the American people. No wonder Hillary Clinton has thus far skated – Barack Obama is implicated in her email scheme.”

In addition, Judicial Watch reported that 48,982 emails were recovered from former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

New York authorities confiscated the disgraced congressman’s laptop as part of an investigation into whether he sent sexually explicit images to a minor. During the investigation, FBI officials were notified that several emails from Clinton were also on the computer.

For now, it is not clear what will come of this information. Many Republicans, including Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham, have already strongly hinted that they would love to see a special counsel investigation into Clinton and the Obama Department of Justice.

Lara Logan Tells Her Untold Story: They Buried My Benghazi Report To Protect The Obama Administration and Hillary

Back in 2013, then-CBS reporter Lara Logan published an investigative report on the 2012 Benghazi terror attack that was buried and “discredited,” reportedly due to the network’s mistaken vetting of one eyewitness’s account of the incident.

However, according to former CBS reporter Logan, the report was disparaged because it was critical of the Obama administration’s failure to come to the defense of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his compound when it was attacked by Islamist terrorists.

Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed in the attack on September 11, 2012.

In a recent interview with Mark Levin of Fox News Channel’s “Life, Liberty and Levin,” the host asked Logan about the Benghazi investigative report that ultimately resulted in her leaving CBS.

“Well, I will say this, there’s a lot more to that story than anybody knows,” Logan said. “But one of my favorite things to hear is all these media reporters and propagandists standing up and saying, ‘That wasn’t being politically targeted. That was a failure of journalism.’”

“Okay, so that’s the biggest joke of all,” she continued, “because there was not a failure of journalism in that story. It’s not good journalism that these propaganda groups weren’t out there. They’re not targeting you because they’re worried about the standard of your reporting. They’re targeting you — their stated objective — is that they’re going to eliminate anything that they view as a threat to their political ideology.”

“What they were trying to do was bury the substance of that story,” she added.

Lara Logan went on to describe the horrific moment when ambassador Stevens and others realized that “the cavalry” wasn’t coming to help them.

“Greg Hicks, Chris Stevens’ deputy, looked at us on ’60 Minutes’ and he said what he had said on ‘the Hill’ but it was much more powerful in our cameras when he said that he asked the defense attache, just a few minutes into that attack, if the cavalry was coming. The defense attache looked at him … [Hicks was] the last person to speak to Chris Stevens. When Chris Stevens was under attack, a terrorist attack in his compound, he called Greg Hicks. Greg Hicks looked at the defense attache and he said, ‘well?’ [The defense attache responded] ‘I’m sorry, Greg, the cavalry ain’t coming.’”

She continued, “Greg Hicks said, ‘I felt sick in the pit of my stomach because those of us who go out on the end of the line for our country, we believe our country has our back,’ and in that minute, in that moment, I knew they didn’t.”

She said Hicks looked at the defense attache and stated, “We better tell the boys at the annex.”

“Two of those boys died that night,” she said.

“That was an Al Qaeda terrorist attack that was extremely well-planned, timed for the 10th Anniversary of 9/11,” concluded Logan. “Those things, the substance of our reporting, is what the Obama administration and the progressive political movement, and Hillary Clinton’s propaganda force … that’s what they wanted buried, because it didn’t suit them politically to have the truth out about that.”

Talking about the way she and her crew did was discredited on the Benghazi reporting, Logan said, “They picked the least important person in the story. They took two things he said and they cast it into doubt. It was called into question and then they made the story disappear.”

Logan said there had to be some serious digging to discredit her story.

“There was a lot of other significant reporting in there. Think of all those people trying to tear that piece to shreds and they were only able to cast doubt over two things one guy of the three characters had to say,” she said.

Lara Logan claims she was silenced over something that didn’t ultimately matter that much to the overall story.

“The lesson I learned is that they’re not going to come after you for the things that matter. They’re going to come after you and use the things that don’t matter and they’re going to use that to bury the whole thing and silence you,” she said.


Starr Admits Hillary Triggered Vince Foster’s Suicide After She Humiliated Him In Front Of His Staff – He Omitted The Finding In FBI Report

As written by Ronald Kessler, the author of “The First Family Detail,” a story which revolved around Secret Service agents while they are working for various U.S. presidents, independent counsel Ken Starr omitted his conclusion that Hillary Clinton, First Lady at the time, catalyzed the suicide of President Bill Clinton’s Deputy White House Counsel Vince Foster in his FBI report because he was just mindful of Hillary Clinton’s feelings.

As Ronald Kessler wrote for The Daily Mail, he asked Starr last weekend at the 2019 Annapolis Book Festival why he didn’t include that information in his FBI report. Kessler wrote, “In interviews for my book The First Family Detail, the FBI agents who worked the case for Starr revealed the truth about Foster’s death when he shot himself at Fort Marcy Park along the Potomac River.”

Kessler said that Starr responded he “did not want to inflict further pain” on Hillary. Kessler wrote, “In interviews for my book The First Family Detail, the FBI agents who worked the case for Starr revealed the truth about Foster’s death when he shot himself at Fort Marcy Park along the Potomac River.”

Kessler also noted that, “FBI agents found that a week before Foster’s death, Hillary as First Lady held a meeting at the White House with Foster and other top aides to discuss her proposed health care legislation. Hillary violently disagreed with a legal objection Foster raised at the meeting and ridiculed him in front of his peers, former FBI agent Coy Copeland and former FBI supervisory agent Jim Clemente told me.”

Kessler quoted Copeland saying, “’Hillary put him down really, really bad in a pretty good-size meeting. She told him he didn’t get the picture, and he would always be a little hick town lawyer who was obviously not ready for the big time.” Kessler wrote that Clemente asserted that Hillary blamed Foster for the Clintons’ problems and stated that he’d failed them. Clemente added, “Foster was profoundly depressed, but Hillary lambasting him was the final straw because she publicly embarrassed him in front of others … Hillary blamed him for failed nominations, claimed he had not vetted them properly, and said in front of his White House colleagues, ‘You’re not protecting us’ and ‘You have failed us.’ That was the final blow.”

Kessler said FBI agents claimed Foster’s behavior changed dramatically after his meeting with ex-first lady Hillary Clinton. Copeland added, “The put-down that she gave him in that big meeting just pushed him over the edge. It was the final straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Starr’s 38,000 words long report mentioned another psychologist’s report discussing many factors that contributed to Foster’s suicide. Clemente said that Starr sometimes eschewed aggressively investigating certain issues, uncertain exactly how aggressive he should be.

Starr was determined not to let conspiracy theories mushroom that argued Hillary Clinton had been involved in an alleged murder of Foster; he stated, “We cannot have, especially since I was charged with the investigation, an unsettled set of conspiracy theories that go unaddressed. I viewed it as a matter of accountability, and also just for the good of the country.”

But he also criticized Hillary for her answers during a 1995 deposition revolving around Foster’s suicide. “In the space of three hours, she claimed, by our count, over a hundred times that she ‘did not recall’ or ‘did not remember.’ This suggested outright mendacity. To be sure, human memory is notoriously fallible, but her strained performance struck us as preposterous.” He wrote in “Contempt: A Memoir of the Clinton Investigation,”

The President Draws Attention To Newly Opened Investigation Into ‘Ukrainian Plot To Help Hillary In 2016 Election’

This Wednesday night, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to draw attention to a new report on outside interference in the 2016 election.

Rather than the alleged meddling by Russians to help President Trump, this report is about an investigation into an alleged Ukrainian plot to help the President’s opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Citing Fox News host Sean Hannity, President Donald Trump tweeted the following: “John Solomon: As Russia Collusion fades, Ukrainian plot to help Clinton emerges.”

The post refers to a new report from John Solomon, The Hill, who made an interview with Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko on Hill.TV this Wednesday about a newly launched investigation into “alleged attempts by Ukrainians to interfere in the United States’ 2016 presidential election.”

As The Hill reported, Lutsenko revealed that officials will be “probing a claim from a member of the Ukrainian parliament that the director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), Artem Sytnyk, attempted to the benefit of the 2016 U.S. presidential election on behalf of Hillary Clinton,”

“According to the member of parliament of Ukraine, he got the court decision that the NABU official conducted an illegal intrusion into the American election campaign,” Lutsenko told The Hill. “It means that we think Mr. Sytnyk, the NABU director, officially talked about criminal investigation with Mr. [Paul] Manafort, and at the same time, Mr. Sytnyk stressed that in such a way, he wanted to assist the campaign of Ms. Clinton.”

The Ukrainian state department said in a statement to The Hill that they are aware of the probe and the need to “address corruption” within their own government.

“We have consistently said that Ukraine’s long-term success and resilience depends on its commitment to reform, in particular the fight to address corruption,” a state department spokesperson told Hill.TV. “To succeed, Ukraine needs committed government officials and strong anti-corruption institutions. The United States is committed to engaging with our partners in Ukraine, including on efforts to roll back the persistent corruption that continues to threaten Ukraine’s national security, prosperity, and democratic development.”

The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra noted that, few days before the President was sworn into office, Politico broke the story on the alleged pro-Clinton Ukrainian plot.

“Ukrainian government officials tried to help Hillary Clinton and undermine Trump by publicly questioning his fitness for office,” Politico reported. “They also disseminated documents implicating a top Trump aide in corruption and suggested they were investigating the matter, only to back away after the election. And they helped Clinton’s allies research damaging information on Trump and his advisers, a Politico investigation found.”

Politico reported that “Ukrainian-American operative who was consulting for the Democratic National Committee met with top officials in the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington in an effort to expose ties between Trump, top campaign aide Paul Manafort and Russia, according to people with direct knowledge of the situation.”

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