Texas Republican Defends Blocking Disaster Aid Bill Nancy Pelosi Tried To Push By Consent

The lone congressional Republican to vote down Speaker of the House Pelosi’s attempt to pass by consent a disaster aid bill that did not provide money to deal with the crisis at the U.S. – Mexico border is defending his move.

This Sunday, Rep. Chip Roy appeared on “Fox and Friends” and explained why he blocked a $19 billion disaster aid bill that Nancy Pelosi tried passing by consent “with no one in the room” last Friday, clamming that the funds in the bill were “unpaid for” and the bill didn’t address the situation taking place at the southern border.

“We headed out for recess on Friday, everybody was heading home… Speaker Pelosi had closed the House of Representatives for the recess. But what she didn’t tell us was that we were going to have a bill coming to the floor of the House of Representatives on Friday that she was going to pass by consent with no one in the room.” He said.

“And that bill was going to have $19 billion in it, unpaid for, and was not going to address the crisis that our country’s dealing with at the border that we’ve talked about many times over.” He added.

“I don’t know about you,” continued Roy. “But in the ‘School House Rock’ video, when they talk about a bill becoming law, it’s supposed to pass both sides of Congress, the House and the Senate, and then go to the president to be signed.”

Rep. Chip Roy added that he voted against the measure as the bill was “not supposed to come through and just be offered by consent” without anybody offering their “discontent” and that Congress “cannot continue to spend billions of dollars we don’t have and be there without the people’s House voting.”

The move garnered Rep. Chip Roy, who is a freshman in the House of Representatives, a lot of attention from both sides of the aisle.

Nancy Pelosi spoke against Chip Roy’s blocking of the bill, calling it a “last-minute sabotage” by the Republicans and “an act of staggering political cynicism.” President Trump has stated that he would sign the measure regardless if it included his requested border funding or not.

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