Dan Crenshaw Gives Bernie Sanders a Lesson After He Shamed Republicans

The funny thing about tweeting out easily digestible talking points. They can usually be debunked with also easily digestible tweets.

Bernie Sanders learned this when he tried shaming people for not supporting Medicare for All. He felt the burn at the hands of one of our greatest congressman, Rep. Dan Crenshaw. Who basically responded with “LOLWUT?” Only in nicer, more thoughtful manner.

“Oh this is an easy one.” posted Crenshaw. “Because your plan costs $32 trillion, and bankrupts my generation.”

“It takes away private employer plans from tens of millions of Americans.” he added. “But at least you recognize that Obamacare has not worked. We need more freedom and choice, not less.”

If we set aside health policy for an instant. All it does is make us think about how difficult Obamacare has made life for loved ones. The smartest thing Rep. Dan Crenshaw did, and it’s something I’ve seen him do many times before, is frame his argument as “our generation.”

They way the left-wing sell their policies to young people is as existential, systematic crises that will specifically affect THEIR generation. While on our side people are more focused on their grandparents yelling at the TV when someone turned off Fox News and they can’t find the remote.

Crenshaw speaks specifically for his generation. The Millennials. The voters we need to convince that our policies are right, and leftist policies are just silly.

As the other side talks to their generation about giving them lots of free stuff, it helps when we have people on our side reminding HIS generation how much the free stuff will cost them.

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